How To Upgrade The PS4 Pro HDD And Transfer Your Existing Games

TheSixthAxis' guide to swapping the HDD on a PlayStation 4 Pro and then performing a direct transfer or backup and restore of your data from another PS4 console.

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Stapleface686d ago

Am I missing something? You need both ps4 hooked up to the same network and signed into the same account. But doing so will sign one out. Can't have the same account signed in on 2 ps4s while being online. I guess it still works while having one offline? But this person suggests connecting them both on wifi. Kind confused..

Utalkin2me686d ago

It's alot easier to use a Ethernet cable between both machines and do it that way. But both machines need to have the 4.0 update.

Tussin187686d ago

Yeah, I think I will do it the way you said. That way my OG will still have everything on it when I move ot to the bedroom. Might do a little cleaning before transferring though. Some game s I have installed haven't been played in a while. And since the PS4 doesn't take as long to install games, that may speed up the transfer process.

I'm half tempted to pick it up at midnight( if possible) so I can transfer while I'm at work. There is no way I will have the patience to wait that long on my new toy. Might just do the transfer of game saves. I don't know but I'll see. Hurry up Thursday. Starting to get more excited now.


Septic686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Why can't they just do external hdd support? Jeez...

Utalkin2me686d ago

Hooking a Ethernet cable between both is much faster then using a external HDD. jeez

jholden3249686d ago

No doubt. Just unplug from one, plug in the other. Done and done.

Idk what dudes talking about saying Ethernet is faster. Nothing is faster than simply plugging in an external drive and dusting your hands off afterward.

iTechHeads686d ago

Because external HDDs are connected via USB, which isn't fast enough for modern gaming.
An internal HDD is preferable since it is out of sight and no extra cables hanging on the PS4.

ziggurcat686d ago


I have a 4TB drive plugged into my Xbox One, and run all of my games from that. The speed is fine for modern gaming.

BizarroUltraman686d ago


what are we playing off our external hdd then?

Black0ut686d ago


What are you raving on about? External HDDs are definitely fast enough for modern gaming...It's been proved time and time again by the likes of DF and others :\

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teflon686d ago

Only the target PS4 needs to be actually signed into PSN at the time. As long as the other PS4 is turned on, can connect to the same network and has the same account details, the target PS4 can find it and trigger the transfer.

If both are connected to the internet via WiFi, then for the transfer to occur, they also need to be hooked up directly to one another with an ethernet cable. The data transfer then occurs over ethernet, which can be quicker, with the WiFi simply there to provide the handshake between the two consoles.

Hope that's cleared things up for you!

jholden3249686d ago

Thank you for the clarification :)

Tapani686d ago

Does anyone know that if I put an HDD into my new PS4 pro that has been updated with the firmware and is filled with games and saves, that if I actually need to download the games again etc? Can't I just put the HDD in there and that's it?

Tussin187685d ago

If you just put in a HDD, it will format to that system and all data will be erased. You just can't swap out a drive and put it in another system. You can backup everything on a external drive then transfer it to another system. Hope that helps.

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RyanDJ686d ago

So, since I put a 2TB aim my original, if I do upgrade to a pro it's gonna be a hassle, and the easiest fix will be buying another 2TB?


vulsker686d ago

That or just backup your saves in the cloud and then format the drive and install it into the Pro. I think downloading everything over again will be easier.

GryestOfBluSkies686d ago

if you have an external hdd with enough space, you could back up the data to the external, transfer the drive to the pro, and transer the data

686d ago
DashArrivals686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

@ letsa_go LOOK. You can back-up EVERY SINGLE THING on an external HDD and then put all that on your PRO. It's what I'm doing.

ziggurcat686d ago

@letsa_go: You can when you do the back-up/restore process.

teflon686d ago

Sadly, because drives are encrypted to the console they're in, yes, buying another 2TB drive will be the quickest and easiest way to get up and running. If you have a large enough external backup, that won't be too bad, or as vulsker says, just backup your saves and then make your ISP work for its money by downloading games as and when you want to play them.

Tru_Blu686d ago

Might be expensive if he has one of comcraps data caps. Last I heard it was 300 GB/month, that would get used up just downloading the patches for a few games let alone the game its self.

RyanDJ686d ago

To those replying: we have unlimited internet, but it's insanely slow. It can game, it can Netflix, but when I upgraded from my 500GB to my 2TB, it took like a week and a half of downloading. Mind you, I re-downloaded EVERYTHING, so there was plenty to get, but it was annoying. Even more so if I'm literally uploading saves, pulling the HDD, moving it to the pro console, solely to redownload the EXACT SAME DATA.

Ozmoses686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

I'd consider a SSD if you're buying a new drive.

they're pricey and you'll likely settle for a 1TB and not a 2TB like I'm doing

but in the long run i think it will be worth it. quicker load times = more time spent playing the actual game

I'm in a very similar situation.. I have a 2TB HDD in my current PS4.. but instead of going through all the hassle with the PS4 Pro I'm buying a new one.

I just decided that I'll take a cut in storage for a boost in performance/speed. I mean I usually only keep the games I'm currently playing on my hard drive anyways so going back down to 1TB from 2TB won't really bother me that much.

sorry just trying to help out and future proof.

here's a very good article that highlights the difference in load times when using a HDD vs SSHD (hybrid) vs SSD

686d ago
TorpeAlex686d ago

I don't know why you were downvoted, the method is really antiquated. RIP anyone with data caps and a lot of digital games who wants to keep their upgraded hard drive from their old console.

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Ozmoses686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Ugh... screw this noise...

I'm ordering a 1TB SSD right now.. F*** IT! (even though they're pricey)

Quicker load times = more time playing the actual games... so it will pay itself off in the long run..


Get the samsung 4tb ssd now thats pricey! Haha

Ozmoses686d ago

hahahaha. you ain't lying about that one. that's for sure!

Darkspade686d ago

I thought the load time differences were minor from stock and ssd

Ozmoses686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Here's an article from the Digital Foundry guys...

I'm assuming this test was done on the PS4 considering the date of the article...

It's very informative and shows the difference on many popular games.. Shows the difference between load times on HDD vs SSHD (Hybrid) vs SSD.

Albiet some games aren't improved that much every second matters or at least I think so.. I mean especially considering that we buy our gaming machines to game. We don't buy them to sit and look at loading screens.

So yes it may seem like a small increase in times. But if you take into consideration the HOURS you spend playing a game like Skyrim or Fallout... I mean overtime you would essentially knock off minutes/hours that would otherwise be spent watching loading screens.

Also if you go by this article and the tests they conducted. It is safe to assume that SSD will only benefit more when put into a PS4 Pro. With updates and stuff I'm sure the PS4 Pro will take advantage of the SATA III and SSD's in no time.

Just my thoughts.

DashArrivals686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

I installed an SSHD right fom the get go at ps4 launch. Do you remember when everyone was complaining about load times in Bloodborne.... well I can honestly say, NOT ONCE did I even think inside my own mind that the load times were slow. I never noticed it. Was totally fine. I couldn't understand what everyone was talking about.

Tetsujin686d ago

I'm saving this guide. I have a 1 TB SSD in my ps4 now (Batman model), and when my Pro comes in I'm going to back everything to my external so I can start fresh without bogging down the Internet.

teflon686d ago

The Pro comes with 1TB built in, so unless you're selling the Batman PS4 before it arrives, you can just do a direct transfer and save yourself some time.

Tetsujin686d ago

I have to use an external to save the data, then when I put the SSD in the pro I'll have to reinstall anyways. If I was doing just a direct transfer I would just use my ethernet cable. Good news is I still have the 500 GB the Batman model came with, so I plug in, rewipe, and prepare it for storage.

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