PlayTM: Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Review

Review by Sam Gibson:

"It has been a rather long time since I pulled a twelve hour gaming session. The last was probably sometime during my first year in WoW but since then there's been nothing which has held my attention for more than a few hours here and there. So you can say I wasn't expecting to be giving up on Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise at five in the morning, a good half a day after first inserting the disc. Over the last few years I've been less and less inclined to devote huge chunks of my time to driving, shooting and commanding armies or groups of brave adventurers. The appeal... it's just not the same as it once was. Yet it seems that if you give me a virtual spade, some seed packets and a few colorful animals, only physical exhaustion will bring me to quit my game. Now I've got four pages of dense notes I wrote after I went to bed to try and condense into a review that won't have your eyelids drooping as well."

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militant073416d ago

i still cant find copy =( i will call all stores next sat.