Woolworth's to cut Xbox 360 console prices in the UK?

Endgadget: "We received the image above from a supposed Woolworth's employee who scanned an upcoming retail catalog for our sicko pleasures. We can't verify the claim, but we understand that Woolies is in the midst of an escalating, retail price war in the UK gaming space. As such, what we're likely looking at are promotional cuts from the normal, £160, £200, £260 prices for the Arcade, Premium, and Xbox 360 Elite consoles, respectively. Then again, the across the board price cuts in the US seem to have really paid off so who knows."

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jaysquared3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

The 360 is overpriced.. I mean if the PS3 was able to drop its price by $100 before it launched(japan), 4 months after it lauched(europe), 6 months after it lauched(N.America) then the 360 should already be $150.. I guess M$ isn't as desperate to move consoles though as Sony was when the PS3 was pretty much dead in the water last year!

mikeslemonade3568d ago

It's already cheaper than the Wii. So cheaper than PS2?

Cajun Chicken3568d ago

...And probably because of this, the PS3 will probably become a luxury item compared to 360's and PS3s bought more as 'the gift to have' at christmas.

jaysquared3568d ago

Wow I would like to be in your family richy rich! Now what part of Marthas Vineyard is your beach house again? I guess your family hasnt been affected by the high gas/food prices and the bad economy in general eh? Gotta love having that silver spoon in your mouth.

Cajun Chicken3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Well, people will have the money left over from the 360 being cheaper and all the best exclusive games for PS3 just come out at £20 each, so for about £60 you can have all the best exclusives a FPS (Resistance) a kids game (Ratchet and Clank) and Uncharted (A Hollywood blockbuster like action game suitable for all the family) and ha have totally free online gameplay from day of purchase.

So one for a birthday present or a personal treat (360), and one for christmas to watch the Blu-Ray if people invested in a HDTV last year, simple as that.
Nearly everyone else has a Wii already, they got one last year!

Thing is people can buy a 360 with just less than a weeks wage packet anytime of the year now if this is true, so this move just essentially just killed some potential christmas sales in the UK.

Working part time one full summer between university can do wonders for a bank account and consoles acquisitions. Yep, bread is expensive as hell about now.

thor3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I agree, but I'd put it like this:

The PS3 is seen as superior to the 360 because it is more expensive.

We all know it's got superior technical specs (even if most devs don't take advantage of that), it plays blu-ray and has features out of the box that the arcade (and even the elite) doesn't have. But now consumers will see a PS3 as a long-term investment, and a 360 as an impulse buy that they will only buy 1 or 2 games for. I mean, if you can't afford a PS3, you can't afford a 360 with lots of games and peripherals.

Edit: Just before you think that having a more expensive product gets you less sales, consider this: Gilette turned their business around by charging _more_ for their razor blades. People then thought they were of higher quality, and they sold a lot more of them.

Cajun Chicken3568d ago

Indeed. But one temptation of the average consumer will see the second hand market, which in true honesty. The main reason to actually get a 360 is mainly the cheap games you can get for it now because it has been out longer.
It has essentially become the new 'PS2' in the way that its life is being determined by its back catelogue, in recent times.

But at exactly the same time for a new owner of a PS3, there's a heck of a lot for them to discover, what with Home, Life with Playstation turning up and PSN gradually getting better as will get a much more exciting experience than many of us who had seen the PS3 actually develop and improve in time, they will get all this at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME and I haven't even mentioned LBP.

So with the 'New Xbox Experience' and Home and a few more features for PS3, things are going to get exciting both sides of the spectrum.
Both consoles are actually transforming slowly and will undoubtedly deliver a whole new experience for new comers and people that already own them and something that has never happened with consoles before. Its sort of exciting if you ask me, could it be that there's going to be a generation within a generation?

Yeah, I sort of went of a tangent there, but I hope you can read into what I'm saying. Both consoles are going to be totally different then they currently are at Xmas...

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