Fable II Rated : Prostitutes = More Blood

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has rated Lionhead's Fable II as a 15 certificate. This may not be such a bad thing for gore lovers as you'll find from the report produced by the BBFC.

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Bleem3603507d ago

Going by the look of the 'prosies' in the picture, I hope there happens to be a virtual clap clinic in Albion too!

Capt CHAOS3507d ago

I think they should slap an 18 cert just on the looks of prossie #2 and #3

MK_Red3507d ago

Blood and gore are awesome but the article doesn't give much hope to a gore hound like me. Plus, 15 means this game is not as violent and offensive as I was hoping for. I wanted a 18+ game not a 15.

FantasyStar3507d ago

Nah..but could you imagine? Anyone who's anyone will already get Fable II regardless of age restrictions.

EDIT: I like the 3rd one. :)

MK_Red3507d ago

The 3rd one is scary!

micro_invader3507d ago

She looks like an ogre prostitute :P

El_Colombiano3507d ago

Man I can't wait to get this, has Microsoft admitted that there is a PC version on the way yet, or are they still acting like it wont happen?

Bleem3603506d ago

No word yet - but i'd put money on it sometime next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.