Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo invites sent out for Europe

PS3-Sense writes "The invites for the Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo are just sent out by Sony. The mails that have been sent out contain a code wich allows you to play the demo of the game. Qore Episode 4 buyers also can download the demo from now on."

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HighDefinition3595d ago

This game SEEMS miles beyond Mstorm1, I was really shocked.

It crazy intense and look ALOT better.

ReBurn3595d ago

The first Motorstorm was really fun (once the thing actually loaded :) )

I'd like to try the demo. But what's up with having to be invited? I'm getting a bit concerned about all of the by invitation only stuff that's starting. I guess it's one way to promote Qore, right?

newneto3595d ago

I think I need to play more the demo to get convinced. I played 2 times and was OK.

masterg3595d ago

Just buy Qore... Don't matter if you're in to US or EU. Just buy Qore on your US account like I did.

It's well worth the $3.

GVON3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I'm in the EU and haven't got quore and made it in as did many others on my list.

Even though it's basically the beginners track I'm really enjoying it (kept me of socom) but it's really good fun in splitscreen

can't wait to get online when it's released,hope they have rooms this time

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Antan3595d ago

Woo Hoo!

The MotorStorm® festival is on the move, and you’re invited to the party. We know you love brutal off-road racing almost as much as we do and we want to give you something back.

Below you’ll find your unique code to download an exclusive playable demo of MotorStorm® Pacific Rift for your PLAYSTATION®3.

This demo will give you a glimpse of what’s awaiting for you when the MotorStorm festival returns this autumn.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift welcomes you to the island, a tropical paradise deep in the heart of the Pacific. This is a brand new racing location – diverse, dangerous and unpredictable - a unique and exciting location for the MotorStorm Festival.

Speaking of which, you’re invited to leave your thoughts about the demo on our Forums at

TheHater3595d ago

and I played the demo, and now I actually want to get this full game. You really get a sense of speed, and the alternate routes making the game a must buy for me now. But it going to have to wait until January, too many other great games to buy this Holiday. And this is coming for someone that don't like Racing games

Hulligan853595d ago

However, half way through downloading, my ps3 gave me three beeps and shut down, now whenever i try turning it on it gives me the same three beeps and a flashing red light.

My PS3 is dead, perfect timing. </sarcasm>

Thankfully, Sony's Customer Service is on the ball, and i will have another 60GB in my hands on Monday! This demo will be the first thing i re-download.

This whole post was offtopic kind of, but oh well, hope everyone who got a code enjoys it. Feel free to post pictures/videos/reviews for those who didnt get a code (or those who's ps3's broke half way through downloading :'()

M4GN3T3595d ago

damn that sux man, im glad you get a new PS3 on monday ;)

HighDefinition3595d ago

I`ll give you bubble, for your troubles.

It even rhymes.

ReBurn3595d ago

Ugh! I'm so afraid that's going to happen to mine. Glad they're getting you hooked up, though.

alakazzam3595d ago

yes, im finally in to something. HO HO HO bubbles for everyone

agentace3595d ago

but i think nearly every1 got it about 80-90%

alakazzam3595d ago

yer but im normally the unlucky 10%

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