The Escapist: Bangai-O Spirits Review

With the game's emphasis on user-generated content and accessible gameplay, Bangai-O Spirits shows itself to be very much of the moment. The infrastructure is undoubtedly the work of Treasure, but everything else is yours; an experience tailored to your liking, open for your interpretation. The game also isn't about high scores or the lengths skillful hand-eye coordination can endure - the fanbase for such things is a known quantity. This is a game for a new audience. In its own way, Bangai-O Spirits is Treasure's first toe into the ocean of casual gamers. It's a hell of a thing then, that on its way to the casual market, Treasure managed to liberate an entire genre as well.

Bottom Line: If you thought shmups died when your cousin Leon cut his mullet, then you were right. But now they're back.

Recommendation: Buy it. Otherwise you will spend that $30 dollars on a videogame with far more hype and far less entertainment value.

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