The Escapist: American McGee's Grimm Review

Overall, however, Grimm's biggest failing is that it's actually not scary and morbid enough. Its dark version of "Little Red Riding Hood," for example, is nowhere near as horrible as "The Story of Grandmother." Grimm just trades cheerful cartoon graphics for macabre cartoon graphics, but it still remains a cartoon. Its gruesomeness is played for laughs rather than genuine fear, so it doesn't really restore the original fairy tales the way it claims to. Gamers will have to wait for a different game for that (or just read Angela Carter's amazing book The Bloody Chamber), but in the meantime, Grimm milks an entertaining and unique romp out of the fairy-tale cash cow.

Bottom Line: Super easy, but still fun. Too morbid for kids, but not horrifying enough for adults. Play it for the visual humor and the great art style.

Recommendation: A one-month subscription to GameTap costs 99 cents. Wait until September 18 when all eight episodes of the first "season" have been released and then play them all that month for less than a dollar.

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