EA Unlocks 3 Battlefield: Bad Company Weapons for All

EA is keeping interest high in its Battlefield: Bad Company game by adding new game modes (conquest) and announcing the addition of two new maps (Par for the Course and Acta Non Verba).

They have also unlocked three weapons previously only available through the Find All Five program.

All users can now enter the provided unlock codes to access the Recon kit QBU88, the Spec Ops kit Uzi and the Support Kits M60. The only gun from the FAF program remaining locked is the F2000; gamers have to link another Battlefield game to their EA profile in the Battlefield Veterans program to release that gun.

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jackoneil3479d ago

This is awesome, I'm tired of having to pick the uzi up from a dead body. Usually it's me cause that gun ownz close quarters though.

outlawlife3479d ago

everybody i know who bought this game stopped playing already, i figured EA abandoned it as well because it isn't pulling cash now like it did in the beginning

BattleAxe3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

1. For the guy complaining about not having the UZI, its easy.....earn it in the game......sheesh!

2. Any fixes to this game are too little too late. Its been almost 3 months since the game came out and there are still bad voice chat issues, lagg problems and game freezing problems. Theres no excuse for this.

3. Two game modes are not enough, and when they released the 2nd game mode (conquest) I thought it was a poor mode to add and I wasn't impressed especially since you could only play that game mode on 4 maps.

4. The weapons are not realistic in terms of how many bullets it takes to kill another guy. The whole game is unbalanced and in my opinion is an incomplete game in terms of a short single player campaign, released with one online game mode.

CoD4, Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and GRAW2 were all better then this game in terms of quality and value. All of these games came with 10 or more different maps and 10 or more different game modes.
DICE is a lazy developer and I will never purchase another BattleField game again.

Only hardcore BattleField fans and brainwashed EA fans will continue to play this game. The problem is that if people keep buying this crap then the developers will know that they can keep getting away with making incomplete sub-standard games.

docsavage3479d ago

Boo haters... This game isn't done because people are getting tired of COD4's too random action and spawning. I agree a couple of more game modes, like maybe a hostage mode, would make things more interesting but the game with just Conquest mode alone will keep people plenty busy.

Whether the hardcore gamers want to admit or not, people love the stat tracking and that will keep enough people coming back to keep the game viable.

StephanieBBB3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

BattleAxe name one game that you actually can see the enviroment degrade in as you and X other players fight untill the end...

im waiting... That's why battlefield BC has more immersion than any other linear fps game out on the market.

Mercenaries 2 would have owned B:BC if not for the bugs and lack of pvp multiplayer. Too bad for Pandemic...

AAACE53478d ago

I am about to get rid of mine today! I couldn't even sell it on craigs list HAHAHA!

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yoghurt3479d ago

Still loving it big time, and the server are always busy when I go on, never a low numbered game. Keep me going until KZ2 MP anyhow

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The story is too old to be commented.