Online Shooters: Rage or Relaxation?

This gameplayer article was written by one of the tournament directors of the World Cyber Games, in which he talks about how the abuse that occurs between gamers when playing online carries right through to the top leagues where racism and more are rife.

"Abuse might be something online, but you can't hide at a LAN: everything is fair game. Looks, age, race, physical condition, in-game skill, intelligence, previous background and anything you can make up is fair game, and players screamed out as loud as they wanted (until security had a word with them)."

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DavidMacDougall3571d ago

I will never go to a lan match for the safety of others i get way to pissed off and i dont know why ?

HighDefinition3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Nothing More, Nothing Less.

BTW, That pic is hilarious.

SlappingOysters3571d ago

I also get pretty competitive and angry in multiplayer. if I die cause of a flaw in the game in particular I can't help but sound off.

DavidMacDougall3571d ago

The knifes in battlefield bad company as the worst for that

Heldrasil3571d ago

ugg....I suppose you are also one of the people who like to yell at the TV during sports events, I don't understand that phenomenon.

okcomputer3571d ago

Yea, I hate people like that, who get all wound up and pissed off about some little game and have to yell into their headset about it. Especially the ones who like to blame all their deaths on "a flaw in the game" instead of their opponent's skill or weakness in their own game.

HighDefinition3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

"Especially the ones who like to blame all their deaths on "a flaw in the game" instead of their opponent's skill or weakness in their own game."

I love those guys, they always give me a laugh when I or one of my friends are destroying them. COd4 that happens alot.

Heldrasil3571d ago

You and me both, I have seen/heard "that guy" at every LAN. Funny thing is, no one cares, nor do they want to hear about it and often make fun of the poor bastard in the aftermath....dude needs to get laid.

Nevers3571d ago

CoD4 was one of my favorite shooters especially with it's building of your avatar in rpg'ish ways... but I had to put it down out of shear frustration because the LaaaAAAAG. Seriously... the online is incredible until it simply isn't.

Nothing more frustrating than watching yourself in somebody's kill-cam shooting randomly at a wall 5ft behind the target you saw on your screen pinned directly in cross-hairs... just ridiculous. Most problems I found with this was on the map, China-Town (one of my favorite looking maps) I just starting refusing to play that map because my connection (or someone's) threw everything outta whack.

Having your kill spread change from 20kills/5deaths to 5kills/20deaths because people just are inexplicably NOT dropping from your bullets became the norm...

But I'd just take my headset off to scream the obsenity combonations that would make the devil blush... feel sorry for my apt. neighbors lol.

So... I stopped playing shooters for a bit. Now I merely have switched from shear RAGE to a seething frustration for now I'm hooked on SE's masichistic MMO, FFxi... 6yrs late lmao

SlappingOysters3571d ago

It's called passion. My girlfriend doesn't understand it either, but I am an Aussie male, so i give a fook

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ChickeyCantor3571d ago

Ah, and yet you guys insist in playing these games.

smurfie43571d ago

^^ Sometimes that happens to be the case when the game is lagging. Then you have the guys who like to glitch because they have no skill.

PimpHandStrong3571d ago

maybe the best pic ever on N4G

btw im in open zone for a reason

The Headset is MS

Cyber Games like Madden Challenge is backed by MS

MS breeds these sort of ppl

for me personaly i dont get mad unless im getting spawn camped...doesnt happen much because most times i will get u and most games have worked around that problem!

anyway on point

ppl who think gaming is a pro sport need to STFU and kill themselfs!

bunbun7773571d ago

Sorry bro but the definition of a professional is anyone who makes the most of their income from their ...well....profession. If you derive more than 50% of your income doing anything that technically makes you a professional.

And if developers want to throw money around to sponsor players, well how could anyone refuse? The sport at that point is in the competition, and of course when there's money on the line.... Just look at Korea and what they did with Starcraft...

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