PlayStation VR: Game changing or soon to be forgotten peripheral?

It was about a year ago I bought one of those cheap Cardboard VR headsets for your smart phone. It was cheap, under $10 I think. All it was was cardboard and an elastic strap. While it was cheap, I was immediately hooked on VR. I couldn’t believe something so simple made me crave something much bigger in the span of a few minutes.

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IamTylerDurden1764d ago

Driveclub VR is my favorite PSVR game.

Neonridr764d ago

Depends on the games. No matter how good the hardware is, if there isn't games to support it then it will be forgotten. As long as Sony ensures there is a steady stream of good content, it should do just fine.

freshslicepizza762d ago

it costs more the the current ps4 yet the game support will fall way behind of what the ps4 gets. sure people are excirted over the new immersion it offers but once that wears off people will want more than bite sized gaming and that wont really happen unless they sell a ton of units (my guess is over 10 million before they really get serious about software support).

Aenea764d ago

Game changing!

(please note, I did not say replacing!)

C-H-E-F762d ago

looking forward to Ace Combat and Farpoint.

CorndogBurglar762d ago (Edited 762d ago )

From what I've seen the games are either all short movie-like things or just games with very bare bones content.

Is this what we can expect moving forward, or is there more to it? I just can't see spending all that money for the headset just for games that are quick one and done experiences.

Not trying to be a smartass. I would love to like it and I know its a cool experience. But I also expect games to be of the same quality as regular console games.

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