Halo 5 to introduce a mysterious ‘Classic’ playlist alongside other improvements

While there exist a few highly anticipated first-person shooter games that are currently hustling it out for gamers’ attention, the one triple-A shooter from the previous year that continues to perform consistently well among Xbox gamers: Halo 5: Guardians. Despite the fact that it’s a year old now and facing severely tough competition in the first-person shooter space, Halo 5 continues to be expanded with free new features by 343 Industries every now and then for players and provide a well-rounded experience.

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81BX561d ago

Dont bother clicking. The article only confirms they are fixing some server side issues.

Yohshida561d ago

The site wont even open on my Phone

DasTier561d ago

I wish more multiplayer centric games were supported in this way.

Non-intrusive microtransactions funding free DLC for everyone who owns buy the game. guaranteeing that the community isn't split up by map packs.

Gears of War 4 is seriously going to fall apart once the DLC maps start coming into rotation :(

Yohshida561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

Gears of War 4 maps are free

DasTier561d ago

Alright well colour me stupid, but can someone explain to me what the deal with the £40 season pass then?

Yohshida561d ago

Worst season Pass in history is the deal.
All maps are free except if you want to play private matches, than you have to buy them.
They are looking to bring more value into the season Pass, because right now its a joke

spicelicka561d ago

Gears of war 4 has the same model as Halo 5 basically. The season pass is bullshit because it just allows players to play the free maps in "private". It's actually good for people who don't buy it because they get it for free anyway. I just don't understand its purpose and why people would bother getting it.

Yohshida561d ago

not even close the same model

Halo 5 has 0 Season Pass and you get EVERYTHING for free. Sure, you can buy those packs. But they are easy to get with normal playtime.

spicelicka561d ago

I was referring to free maps and cosmetic microtransactions, the model is a lot closer to Halo 5 than most games. But you are still right.

MilkMan561d ago

Forgot this game even released.

slavish0560d ago

So u r just here to ....troll?

MilkMan560d ago

Nah. Its good to speak your mind. Sorry it comes off as trolling, its not my intention. I think trolling is a broad term and it captures all kinds of inflections (in text form)