ARK: Survival Evolved Full PC & Xbox One Launch After PS4 Release, Switch & Cross-Play Discussed

INQ: Studio Wildcard shared a plethora of ARK: Survival Evolved information Sunday evening after it achieved its $25,000 Extra Life fundraising goal. The studio shared some PlayStation 4 details, which includes a December release, plus a little of its roadmap leading up to the PC and Xbox One versions exiting Early Access. There was also a mention of cross-play and the Nintendo Switch.

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wonderfulmonkeyman400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

From the article:
"Studio Wildcard has also been talking with Nintendo about bringing ARK: Survival Evolved to the Nintendo Switch. It’s possible the game could come to the new console, but there is no guarantee and it would be well after the launch of the new console if does happen."

I'd be up for that, although I hate seeing good games come too late to make a difference...(Skyrim excepted, because it's still popular despite its age)
Hunting down a T-Rex and other 'Saurs is something I haven't done in games for a very long time.
Not since Turok, frankly...ahh, those were the days...
Where was I? Oh yeah.
If I can't get it on Switch then I'll wait until I have a new gaming PC, but either way, Ark looks like it'll be fun.^_^

EddieNX 400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

I got the preview on Xbox one when it first came out and its frustrating that its not finished yet over a year after I bought it :s. I will say this though, the concept for the game is extremely addictive and engaging! Like a bit of all your favorite games mixed together with Dinosaurs. Something I could see my self spending 100s of hours on, very hardcore...
Its also a very good looking (unfinished) current gen game, so the fact they think they can bring it to the Switch bodes VERY well for the Switches port potential. Great news! If they said ''Switch no chance'' that would be bad, but this is exciting ;)

freshslicepizza399d ago

"Cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was mentioned by Stieglitz. However, fans should expect the same amount of progress as Rocket League has enjoyed, which is to say none. The Lead Developer says there are no technical limitations hindering cross-play in ARK: Survival Evolved, but it does require approval from Microsoft and Sony. The former is all for it while the latter has shown they are not particularly enthusiastic."

sony wasnt enthusiastic with nintendo either and allowing cross play with the game pure chess. not sure why sony hasn't commented futher about what the problem is.

hiredhelp399d ago

Ark,Ive been playing ark nearly 2 months now on PC late adopter but was glad I took the plunge on this early acsess game.
Pros, wheater your into PVP OR PVE The game is still engaging still a challange and still filled with lots to do,
Explore a open world each sector (the island) has split into various lands you have the tropics more laid back more plant eating dinos then you have swamp lands that can carry more deadly creatures such as bees 30ft snakes ect.. Volcano are and lastly snowy mountains huge mammoths each area offers great rewards but with challanges to learn adapt and overcome if your willing to learn.
The customisation is extremely well done keep you going for many months if you want a game that last you over time this is it.
Community when in game at least PC even if your on pvp theres very strong sense of good community spirit people offering to help out on chat give advice really helps everyone,also great chances to clan up if your not already.
If you want lavish pre historic fictional lands with 100% freedom this is your game

Cons the devs have one the best creative games on the market period in this type of genre but it has its flaws.
They continue to bring out updates try to add new content while this is good on one hand you feel that the devsvare overlooking problems that have not been resolved for many months. Minior bugs in game glitches ect... But importantly servers need to be optimised stable the lag on some servers can be result to extent bad rubber banding.
Thoe others are half decent dont get no rubber banding.
The game grows on you once it does you get addicted thies bugs above servers will be addressed just wish wild card hold off on adding stuff start fuxing already as theres soo much to do already.

yeahokwhatever399d ago

Ark is one of the most poorly running AND looking games I've played recently on my PC. I suspect the PS4 version is going to look dated when it finally releases. I have 0 hopes for a Switch version. I really wouldn't hold my breath, unless its a different game made by a different team.

s45gr32399d ago

Could it be because the team is trying to release the game on multiple platforms at the same time.

hiredhelp399d ago

Its not most poorly running depends on you choosing right server lowest ping.
Check your hardware try turning things to high to medium if vga memory or system memory is 4gb vga or below or system ram 8gb or below try the lowest start in 4gb mode, try disabling cloud.
There many ways to increase oerformance try playing in windows birderless for increased instant fps this works on hundreds games btw too.

LOL_WUT399d ago

Your'e going to be waiting a long time so why not just buy a PS4 or an X1 to play that game? Btw whatever happened to not port begging and wanting to have new experiences? ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Who said anything about begging?
I can get it on PC, and for me, this game would be a new experience ince I never played it previously.
Waiting to see if it hits the Switch isn't the same as begging for a port. It's waiting to see what the options are before diving in.

See, this is the difference between me and you.
You sit there and bitch when a game like Bayonetta 2 doesn't come to a system you have, and heckle people for picking a Nintendo system to play games on.

But me? I don't let loyalties tie me down.
I pick up a new system for games I want, which is why I'll be getting Ark on PC if it doesn't come to Switch, just like I got a PS2, and a PS3, for specific games regardless of how I felt about how they compared to other consoles on the market at the time.

Although, at this point, knowing that there are ***-hats like you in either fanbase makes me really hesitant about adopting either a PS4 or XB1.
If I do, I'll probably avoid online play, even if it becomes free, just to avoid having to deal with creeps like you.

Take your ;) -face snark and **** off.

LOL_WUT398d ago

I own a WiiU and I still didn't care for that turd of a game Bayonetta 2. You begging for ports comes off as desperate. If you really wanted to play Ark you would've gotten it a long time ago on PC, oh wait I forgot you don't have one. How many times are you guys going to use the PC card as a cop out?

You want to play the game? Well then get it on PS4 or X1 (you don't have a PC). You know just as you tell people to get a WiiU for that turd that was Bayonetta 2. ;)

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Ghost_of_Tsushima400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

“I think Sony has done a hell of a lot of good with that hardware. It’s the first time I can ever recall loading up a console and being like ‘holy s***, there is some serious power in this."

Sounds like PS4 Pro is going to be a great console.

wonderfulmonkeyman399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

It'll be great for those that want 4k and VR, but as for the rest, I think they'll likely stick to the cheaper original PS4.
Thank God that Sony put out that provision requiring games made on PSPro to be compatible with the original PS4.
It's a smart move that ensures no one misses out regardless of which model they shoot for.
I have nothing but praise for Sony, for that, because it'll make picking up a PS4 for myself later on a much easier thing to do, since I won't be going into the purchase worried about not being able to play certain games if I don't choose the Pro.

You didn't pay attention to the beginning of my post, did you...-_-;;

To reiterate, and make sure you actually pay attention this time: It makes perfect sense, if you don't care about VR or 4K, and want to use that extra $100 towards games instead.

You have to understand that not everyone is obsessed with graphics.
The original PS4 is already future-proofed, via Sony's promise that there won't be any Pro-exclusive games.
Why would I spend an extra $100 on a Pro, when I'm not interested in 4K or VR, and its just a mid-gen upgrade that won't be getting exclusives that the original can't get too?

I can use that extra $100 for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Witcher 3, at the very least. There might even be other games coming that I'll want to prioritize even more.

The Pro isn't a worthwhile purchase for me when the PS4 is already a powerful machine in its own right.

Utalkin2me399d ago

Thats makes no sense. Why wouldn't you pick up the pro over the regular PS4 for 100 more dollars and give you much more future proof. Such as 4k down the road if and when you decide to upgrade your TV and better looking VR games if and when you decide to purchase it.

monkey602399d ago

Utalking2me Ask the same people who bought a 12gig Ps3 or an Arcade 360. Some people just want the cheaper option even if it's a lesser one

Aloy-Boyfriend399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

There's no extra $100 unless you get a discounted PS4. Pro is the same price as the launh PS4. If you don't have a PS4, get the pro. You will regret it later if you don't

Pro does have some advantage for 1080p TVs. On top of that you will have a 4k ready device whrn you get your 4k TV, which may be sooner than you expect. If you go by a Best Buy and see a killer deal, you will likely get it. You never know mate. 4K TVs have become affordable

wonderfulmonkeyman399d ago (Edited 399d ago )


The PS4 Pro goes for $399. Even more if you care about VR.
The regular PS4 goes for $299. Even less with discounts.
At minimum, I'd still be paying at least $50 less for a regular PS4 + one game, compared to a Pro bundle with similar content within.
For me, the PS4 Pro is too expensive, when all it's really offering for that price is a boost in graphics.

And again, this time in caps since this doesn't seem to be sinking in to readers: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT 4K OR VR!
Why would I get a 4K TV when a 1080p TV and a regular PS4 gives me all I require?
I don't want a 4K TV. It's a pointless purchase when 1080p still looks gorgeous enough to make games look gorgeous.
I'm not a graphics maniac, and I did not buy into all the overhyping that companies have been doing for 4K.
I'm content with 1080p for my TV.

I won't be regretting anything, either.
Sony's already promised that all games for the Pro will run on PS4.

The only way I'd regret going for a PS4 is if Sony breaks that promise.
So unless you're calling Sony a liar, and have some evidence they will break their word, there's no reason to take your word for it.

Edit: Fine, but like I said, 4k is meaningless to me, so TV sale or not, I'd rather spend it on games.

None of those extra specs mean anything to me, so long as external HDD's exist and Pro-exclusive games don't.
I value more games, not more specs. I'll take the "weaker" PS4 because I'll get all the same games.

Aloy-Boyfriend399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Whatever mate! We are not forcing you to get the pro so chill. I was just suggesting to get the latest model for the future just for one more hundred. It's not that much. Like I said, you never know when you will stop by a huge 4k TV sale

399d ago
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XXanderXX399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Am confused they bait PC - Xbox gamers for Early access support but are releasing the game early for the platform that doesn't allow Early Access , while the other 2 platform have to wait . Sound like total BS

S2Killinit399d ago

To top it off, Ark is rumoured to have PSVR compatibility.

Antnee534399d ago

They said it won't be at launch but they will look into it.

VideoGameLab399d ago

That is how you burn your fanbase, don't care about the people that made you big.
Why Focus on a new Platform if you didn't even finish the game on the others? Ah money...

But the good thing is - they are happy about the power of the pro. Just imagine how they get blown away by scorpio, if even the half step is HUGE for them.

XXanderXX399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Great that power excites them in the next few days & even next year this time , but would prefer they finish the game on the two platforms they started on first before any other plat sees a release seems only fair .

Silly gameAr399d ago

Yeah, can't wait for the Scorpio to come next week...

s45gr32399d ago

What I am confused is their happiness with the PS4 Pro power when really the most powerful platform is the PC. To make matters worse this game started on the PC as early access. So my question is why don't game developers utilize the technology that the PC offers:

Nvidia Gameworks
4K Native resolution
Realistic everything

It saddens me that game developers get excited for incremental steps like the PS4 Pro. Come on, the PC already offers realistic fluid hair technology. It already offers volumetric, reflection lighting. For crying out loud modders have done a far better job with PC technology then the actual game developers. That is sad

s45gr32399d ago

No, they are releasing the early access version of the game on PS4 not the full game.

XXanderXX399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

okay, now that sounds much better .

NotoriousWhiz399d ago

The article did a poor job of wording it, but the December release of ARK Survival on Playstation will be exactly the same as the early access versions on Steam and Xbox one.

meche334399d ago

Its because the user-base. That works miracles because devs are gonna work very hard on a console they know they're gonna profit from.

VideoGameLab399d ago

Wasnt ark a huge success on both platforms? The hate..

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FunAndGun399d ago

I hope PSVR is still planned for ARK! I would like to ride a dino in VR.

TheOptimist399d ago

It's honestly an unoptimized garbage of a game. Refunded it within 15 minutes of playing. On an i5-6500 and a GTX 1070, this game can't get 40 fps proper. Like -.-

meche334399d ago

Idk why you guys disliked when he's stating facts. Its very unoptimized on pc

Ghost_of_Tsushima399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

"Idk why you guys disliked when he's stating facts. Its very unoptimized on pc"

It's called early access for a reason.

badz149399d ago

@The_Infected already has DLCs

Seafort398d ago


It's been in early access for over a year on PC. No excuses anymore. It was planned for release in June 2016.

It already has finished paid DLC for an unoptimised, incomplete game.

That's the definition of taking the piss!

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