Lich King Beta Invites Meant to Over-Shadow WAR?

Blizzard has just sent out another wave of beta invites, and this time it seems to be more of a tsunami than a mere splattering. Many more players seem to have received an invite than previous times.

This could merely be because the beta test is coming closer to the end, and Blizzard are giving more players a chance to glimpse the future expansion before the release, or is it for another reason? The expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, isn't expected to be released until November or later, so surely the beta has a couple of months left to run. Could the huge amount of invites be to keep WoW players busy for the launch of one of WoW's most anticipated rival's launches?

Warhammer Online will be released next week on the 18th September, but many WoW players, who until now may have been bored of waiting until the expansion, will now have access to the beta. Good thinking by Blizzard, or merely a coincidence?

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Leord3543d ago

This is a very good point. I wonder how well they are doing with trying to minimize WAR-damage? =)

Maticus3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I think openly, they would say they're not doing anything. But now is a really weak time for WoW, with a couple of months until the expansion. Hell, even I would try WAR if I wasn't on the Lich King beta already :P

barom3543d ago

Personally, I don't think Blizzard is that cheap. But they are a business after all so it's all possible.

Elly3543d ago

If I were them I would do the same. WAR looks promising and it's sure to intrigue a portion of the WoW playerbase, a place on the beta could distract some of those.

thetamer3543d ago

oooh, can I get one too?!?!

Dorjan3543d ago

Sound like blizzard is wearing thier cap of wisdom +9!

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The story is too old to be commented.