'ARK: Survival Evolved' Demoed On PS4 Pro, Near 60 FPS, Resolution Bump, And December Release

INQ: ARK: Survival Evolved took part in the Extra Life 24-hour charity Twitch stream event this weekend. Studio Wildcard used the draw of a PlayStation 4 version of the dinosaur survival game to bring in donations. Viewers got to see the very first footage of the game being played on the yet to be released PS4 Pro.

[Edit: Updated story based on new information.]

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phantomexe685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

This web site say anything about a ps4 release date? The web page won't display for me. I'm so tied of waiting on this game but figured id ask?

Liqu1d684d ago

It's been submitted to Sony. December is the expected release date.

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EddieNX 685d ago

I actually would like an argument/fight with these devs. I bought it aaaages on my Xbox1 and its still an unfinished glitchy mess. I just want the full version of the game because its a great concept for a game. Idiots need to learn how to properly develop and finish a game!

Liqu1d684d ago

Shouldn't have bought an unfinished game then.

Guyfamily999684d ago

(Sorry this had to be said XD, I agree though):

Your profile pic... The irony...

uth11683d ago

Maybe they could wave magic wands or something and make it finished

EddieNX 683d ago

Or they could just finish it instead of releasing it 2 years early...

iceman06683d ago

Isn't that what you sign up for in Early Access?

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