Former EA Exec Who Is Now Zynga's CEO: "I'll Never Go Back" to Console and PC

"I love the mobile business. The audiences you can reach, the geographic distribution."

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Antifan707d ago

Because of easy profits, minimum effort involved. You'll be heading back once that mobile bubble pops.

IndominusRex707d ago

Ikr, im not suprised since its coming from the people who make mobile games.

UltraNova707d ago

Why go back to more a demanding job that probably pays less?

But yeah once mobile gaming settles and withers he'll come back.

ravinash706d ago

He's welcome to stay there if he wants.

Ashlen707d ago

Ah Zynga the home for washed up gaming execs. How'd that Don Mattrick thing work out for them?

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Enigma_2099707d ago

You won't be missed, my friend.

TheColbertinator707d ago

The industry is better without him.

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The story is too old to be commented.