Street Fighter IV : Chun Li vs Crimson Viper - Gameplay trailer

This time Capcom published a new gameplay trailer where Chun Li fight against Crimson Viper. Who wins? Enjoy.

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Blackcanary3539d ago

Real true fighter is back and better than ever a game where you can't just win from button bashing.

Swiftfox3539d ago

Good gameplay. The only thing that is bothering me is Crimson Vipers chest as odd as that sounds. Look how her tie rests on her chest, it gives the impression that the chest is just bubbled from her neck down to her mid-waist.

I hope the game has just as much polish on the consoles. Let's hope that they fix any issues seen in arcades (such as infinits) before release.

This and Super Turbo; HD Remix are what I am waiting for.

LikAChicken3539d ago

I actually saw noticed that too. Good point, it looks kind of awkward for sure. But I really want to get this game.I passed on the 3rd one cause I actually missed playing the original cast from 2 (But I think I made a mistake, the 3rd one was actually good to me). I was thinking on getting Tekken 6 but since I have 5 DR I might just wait and buy this one instead.

juuken3539d ago

The game looks damn good.

AngryXbot3539d ago

Dont get your hopes up. It looks like a SF2 remake to me.
At best, this will rival Soul caliber 4. Tekken on the other hand is on a whole different level.

LikAChicken3539d ago

But you do realize a lot of people have been waiting for a remake like this though right? I don't really care if it was Street Fighter 2.5 or 2.6 I'm just glad the original cast is back and there bringing street fighter to the roots a little. (However I will miss Hugo and other SF3 characters.) Whether this game is a huge hit on the store shelves I know this game will be a huge hit on my PS3:)

~I am a gamer...who likes female gamers~

Mikelarry3539d ago

every video i see i still go crazy for the is game. this is a must buy for me cant wait for it to come out. im sorry tekken but i think sf is back to take its crown