Here is what a next-gen Crysis game could look like

Crysis is a game that a lot of PC gamers hold close to their hearts. For years they’ve been asking for a new Crysis game and while this won’t happen anytime soon, we can now get a glimpse at what a next-gen Crysis game could look like.

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crazychris4124561d ago

Doubt we would ever see another Crysis since they are having financial issues again.

Sciurus_vulgaris561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

Since Crytek lost its partnerships with EA and MS, the company has been on rocky legs. Crytek's AAA output is low, they are notorious for bloating budgets of their games, and to make thing worse Cryengine doesn't appear to have great adoption rates. I think EA games owns Crysis, I doubt the company has much interest in the IP anymore.

Utalkin2me560d ago


You mean the other way around. Every since they partnered with MS and EA the have been in finical burden. Before they partnered with them, they was on top of their game. Engine selling well far cry and crysis doing well.

So after the partner ship was over. They tried to do something new and co publish Homefront Revolution with Deepsilver, which totally bombed and put them in more trouble they was already in. They need to go back to their roots and what made them, focus on making great engines. And showcase the engine with a incredible game like they did with Crysis and Farcry.

john2561d ago

Indeed. However imagine the possibilities, especially now that we have the appropriate hardware for such a thing.

Articuno76561d ago

Funnily enough, it would mean the only way it would happen is if a console platform holder paid for it to happen.

starchild561d ago

And that's a goddamn shame. I hope they somehow pull through the financial troubles.

KTF26561d ago

and they will go bankrupt if they continue their tries to impress AAA developers
because most of them now have their own capable engine
I'm not arguing which engine is better
but AAA devs do not need to pay money for 3rd party engine

Goldby560d ago

so does that mean the Colilition isn't a AAA dev team cuz they are using Unreal?

TheOptimist560d ago

Umm... Yes they have their own engines, but still Cryengine3 games (Crysis 2 and 3) looks much better than any game out there right now

KTF26559d ago

They are and they made AAA game with it
and there are other AAA titles like SFV, Tekken 7, Kindom Hearts 2.8, III
but compare it with the adoption of Unreal Engine 2 and 3

I said it already
I'm not arguing which engine is better
but most AAA devs developed their own engines and won't pay money for 3rd party engine most of the time

560d ago
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traumadisaster561d ago

I still l can't get win10 to play crysis, worked fine on 7.

561d ago
Movefasta1993561d ago

Underrated series,i went into crysis 3 thinking it would be nothing but good graphics and bad everything else, like allthe haters led me to believe, but i loved crysis 3.

Vegamyster561d ago

Only thing i didn't like about 3 was the length, felt like it was an hour or two shorter than the previous games.

PlayableGamez-560d ago

Crysis is not underrated.
It's a case of pretty graphics with average gameplay. That is why it lost it's momentum. It was popular during Crysis 1 but when 2 came, it really hurt the franchise.

TheOptimist560d ago

Tell me one fps franchise which is better mechanically? Better as in gameplay. I sincerely don't care about story.

PlayableGamez-560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Far Cry 3 really impressed me a lot last generation.
I am no way saying Crysis are bad games, it's just okay....
It was a victim of being outshine by COD.

TheOptimist559d ago

COD was shit. I mean I played MW, never got into the single player, not enough to do, other than linear corridor shooting. The MP had me for about 230 hours then got bored because of the stupid perk and loadout system, and I'm already at 800 hours in CSGO. BF was more of the same. FarCry 3 was decent, but gameplay wise it was the same, with some good skill upgrades. In Crysis- environmental destruction, the suit enhancements, the alien story(Not great, but decent), in C3 the predator bow etc etc, Crysis 3 is much more than pretty graphics. It is the second best fps out there, just behind Deus Ex franchise

theshredded561d ago

First image looks worse than far Cry 3 but the 2ND one looks dope.

Allsystemgamer561d ago

That's cuz the first image is crysis 1. Did you not read lol

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