Red Faction: Guerrilla - New patch adds 21:9 resolutions support and FOV slider for multiplayer

Now here is a nice surprise. After almost two years, THQ Nordic has just released a new patch for Red Faction: Guerrilla. This new patch adds support for 21:9 resolutions, and implements a FOV slider for the game’s multiplayer mode.

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crazychris4124767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

Sweet but can we get a new game in this franchise?? Dying to play a new one with awesome weapons in an open world settings with insane destruction. Hopefully Crackdown 3 drops next year to satisfy my crave for open world destruction.

Antifan767d ago

Man, I hope this means they're hinting at a sequel.

Zjet767d ago

They need to patch armageddon on ps3. It currently crashes for all users no matter what. Patched or unpatched. Tested and confirmed with 4 different copies on 4 different ps3s