Have Xbox price cuts undermined Elite?

360 Arcade and new 120GB hard drive now cheaper than 360 Elite

Microsoft is set to slash the cost of the Xbox 360's 120GB hard drive in the US from $179 (£80) down to $159 (£70) this week, with no word as yet on a concurrent price cut in Europe and the US.

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zenintude3598d ago

dumb article... with the elite, you also get htmi, which is important to a lot of people.

also, the black color is also important to a lot of people... it's the reason a black macbook costs $200 more than a white one of the same specs.

darthv723598d ago

now on all three sku's. You just get the cable included in the elite.

Differences in the arcade and elite. Arcade has wireless controller, std A/V cable, hdmi port, free live silver membership.

Elite has the same but includes component cables along with the composite connection, hdmi cable, headset and 120gb hdd and black finish.

Arcade is a steal for just the basic principle of playing games. Elite you can do much more with dlc and i think MS said you will be able to import (or export) video on the hdd to an external one.

deeznuts3598d ago

Wait, so you called the article dumb, because you thought it got it wrong. But actually, you were the one who got it wrong. What do you call yourself?

Just wondering, that's all.

fan_of_gaming3598d ago

Arcade + 120GB HDD = 360
Elite = 400

but with the elite i believe you also get component and HDMI cables and with the Arcade you get composite cables. Getting the high def cables separetly will probably run you around 40 bucks depending how/where you buy them from, so its pretty much equivalent.

clevernickname3598d ago

Would you pay $40 for a USB cable? Of course not, and you shouldn't pay more than $20 -- maybe $25 -- for an HDMI cable. The HDMI cable that Microsoft includes with the Elite is certainly not worth more than $20 or $30 at MOST.

With the drop in the price of the 120 GB hard drive add-on it's hard to justify the price of the Elite.

JackBauerIsHIGH3598d ago

I got my HDMI cord for about $10 online. If you pay more than $15 you are getting ripped off.

fan_of_gaming3598d ago

well i work at Future Shop and i think we sell the X360 HDMI cable for $59.99 so thats wat i was basing my comparison on. most customers that come into the store to buy a console like to get everything then and there, so i wasn't including buying it online or anything.

clevernickname3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I love how someone disagrees with me for stating that a $40 for HDMI cable is silly yet the comment directly below mine making a similar observation is agreed with.

WTF, people.

Regarding the retail cost of HDMI cables, Real Canadian Superstore and others sell some of the same cables that Futureshop and Bestbuy sell for $30 or $40 less. For example, Futureshop sells the Sony PS3 HDMI and USB cable pack for $64.99 while RCSS sells the same item for $20. I bought my HDMI cables there for $20 each. Why would you ever pay $60, $70 or even $100 for an HDMI cable? These companies are just exploiting your ignorance.

mfwahwah3598d ago


I disagree with 20-30 dollars for a cable. Sue me.

I bought mine for $10, and I feel that it was a about 5-7 bucks too much. (bought it for that price for convenience's sake)

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Excalibur3598d ago

In fact I just upgraded to an Elite yesterday and I love it. ;)

Excalibur3598d ago

A disagree?
You mean I didn't just buy an Elite Yesterday?
Gosh, I was there and I'm almost positive I did.
I'll have to ask me to find out for sure.

bigman73873598d ago

Apparently there were at least 4 people on this site who saw u buy a NES.

mfwahwah3598d ago

I disagreed with the subject line "No." Your other statement I could care less about, it's your opinion.

hamburgerhill3598d ago

Does anybody think the 360 will be down to 150 next year?

jaysquared3598d ago

I dont doubt that it will.. its amazin MS has kept the price of he 360 this high after 3 years in the market. I mean looking at its main competition, the ps3, it dropped its price after only 6 months on the market..

DJ3597d ago

I really wouldn't doubt it.

Topshelfcheese3598d ago

I put a 320gb hdd in my ps3 for 100dollars, do the math and MS is still trying to rape the crap out of the consumer.

This is probably the only reason i wont ever download XBLA games, cause i just dont have the room on my 20gb and i refuse to pay a retarded price for the 120gb.

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