MotorStorm PSP confirmed as listing error


"When gamers catch glimpse of a game that hasn't been announced it's cause for much excitement. When a PSP version of MotorStorm appeared on UK retailer GAME's website Sony fans thought they'd stumbled upon something they weren't supposed to know about, but it seems we've all got excited over nothing."

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predator3544d ago

Thats a shame..that could of been good

monkey6023544d ago

That really is a huge dissapointment

PirateThom3544d ago

I'd be very surprised if a PSP version wasn't coming, though.

TheMART3544d ago

Too bad. My two PSP's need games.

felidae3544d ago

get yourself a DS .. the games are much more fun.

monkey6023544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I have no interest in the DS what so ever. My sister has one so I can play one. It just doesnt do anything for me. I own a Wii so i'm no stranger to the more casual side of gaming. Then again I don't play my PSP either. Summer parties and the girlfriend have eliminated nearly all gaming time and back to college soon. To be honest I could'nt care less. They are worth trading the game time for easily :P

Yeah I managed to trail off subject a bit there

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