SCEE confirms late PSN update deployed

SCEE's just confirmed that the late European PSN update for this week has now gone live.

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rajman3448d ago

Yehh I was like o_0 when I saw it....dont we need the Play TV attachment? But I dont think so as whats the point of having a demo for it lol I guess might be a look at the features of it etc BUT its a whopping 1.6GB o_0 anyways will have to see for 65% now

PirateThom3448d ago

It's a demo of the software, with preloaded videos in place of TV channels, just to give you an idea of what it's like.

PirateThom3448d ago

Haven't we had Siren for like over a month now?

Fishy Fingers3448d ago

Yeah, not sure when it released but I've had it for a few weeks at least, havent finished it yet though, keep getting scared ;)

dale13448d ago

play tv demo good idea, they should do more viewable step by step guides for the ps3 and psp on the store.a section of how to do would be a good idea,from streaming music,setting up remote play,changing your hard drive,etc

LoveWaffles3448d ago

Here is to my European friends starting to get some good updates. I feel your pain that Europe gets everything last. I just hope the trend continues and that each territory gets unique and good updates.

Baba19063448d ago

hmm no play tv demo on my swiss store -.- .....

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