Pocket Gamer Review: Warriors of Fate

Pocket Gamer writes: "Now, before we go too far, know this: You're reading the inane and macho ramblings of a meat-brained beat-'em-up jock right now, so any game that features no questions but lots of muscle-bound answers is a winner for me. You might feel otherwise – preferring a game that challenges your intellect, dexterity or offers more of a socially conscious form of entertainment (you've also probably got an elastoplast around the middle of your milk-bottle-bottom nation health glasses, too). If that's the case, your time might be better spent playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading a bus timetable or being lonely rather than absorbing a review where I get all nostalgic and overexcited about beating up a colourful army of nondescript miscreants while salivating blood.

Anyone still with me? Excellent. On with Warriors of Fate, brave soldier!"

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