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Another year, another Call of Duty game but this time around things have changed. Trust me when I say this, you need to try this year’s Call of Duty cause Infinity Ward has created another excellent game that also comes with one the best first person shooters of our time, Modern Warfare. Thank you Activision for sending a review copy for this game. The following review was done on Xbox One version. STORY

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Imp0ssibl3742d ago

Hm, this game sounds really divisive this year!

4Sh0w742d ago

Uhm, no as far as this review goes it didn’t make this game sound divisive at all. This review actually thought highly of both the campaign and the multiplayer, which is different from the other early reviews I've seen which actually thought the campaign is the by far the best part of the game, it's usually the other way around for COD games.

Either way I'm personally gonna roll with TF2 this year but I don't see what divisive....COD always scores fairly well and of course sells very well, it's popular so those who hate COD will obviously bash it, but what else is new.

electricbanshi742d ago

I wonder how the haters feel now?

freshslicepizza741d ago

the same, they dont care if the game gets great reviews or not they just keep buying it. battlefield and titanfall 2 both look a lot better but some people just can't part from this franchise which is a shame.

Errorist76741d ago

Tbh all three games seem to be really great this year.

Killa78741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

I've enjoyed Multiplayer but my days the spawn system is infuriating

WiiU-Dude741d ago

Here's what I wrote before on COD:

I don't care how much hate I get. I love COD. It's an event every year now. COD does what it does. I do not expect them to reinvent the wheel every year. If I want a different experience in my FPS I go play Bioshock, Far Cry, Borderlands, Fallout, Halo...I don't ask, nor expect COD to be anything but COD. And judging by the sales, most feel as I do. Yes all you high brow gamers who are pretentious and think you know it all can bash COD all you like, but your hate hasn't made a dent in COD's sales yet. I know for the most part it's derivative. Hence my comments sentiment - COD is as COD is. One day people will have had their fill. Until then, just let people enjoy what they enjoy. It's like JRPG people whining that sports games keep coming to their system. Get over it. Don't like COD, play a different FPS or a completely different game.

WiiU-Dude741d ago

When anything is popular, people are going to bash it. Still that is so silly and stupid. Why? What is it that compels people to feel the need to spread their hate? COD'S sales say a lot of people are still enjoying it. What's wrong with that? Ugh. I will never understand people. It's one thing to say, well COD just isn't my thing, but a lot of people like it so I must be in the minority. No, people have to literally call people stupid and idiots for liking a game. I say play what you like and be glad others are gamers.

NoFanboyJustLovGames741d ago

For all the hate which is unwarranted. IW has proven it self among the COD greats.... it is a very enjoyable game and the campaign is killer.... Loving it...... good job IW

Errorist76741d ago

Happy to hear that, especially (what's left of the real) Infinity Ward seem to have caught up to the other two developers.

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