Shotguns - The 10 Best Boomsticks Ever

Gameplayer are celebrating the shotgun this weekend, and as part of the party they've looked at the 10 games that best make use of the weapon in this article.

"Our celebration of shotguns continues! In this part, we examine gaming's very best examples of bombastic shotgun fun."

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LuigiLogik3593d ago

Blackthorne FTW, though it might have lost it's effect in the 15 years since i played it, I have very found memories of reaching back with my boomstick and turning some sneaky bastard into a bloody pile on the floor.

lordgodalming3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Holy crap, Blackthorne! There was something oddly hilarious about giving a monster behind you a one-armed blast without even turning your head.

I also really enjoyed the Jurassic Park sytle combat shotgun in the original Half-Life.

Shotgun > Headcrab

rogimusprime3593d ago

they should be ashamed of themselves. That supershotgun in RE2 or just the regular one in the original...those were some baaaaad guns.

The upgrade from just shooting a zombie 11 time to kill it to blowing heads and legs CLEAN was great.

SlappingOysters3593d ago

wasn't there an evil dead game where the boomstick was the only weapon?

LeonSKennedy4Life3593d ago

Regeneration was pretty much just the shotgun. You never wanted to get close enough to the Deadites to chainsaw them. Of course, Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick was the better game, in my opinion.

Both were terrible, but I love them...haha.

Fishy Fingers3593d ago

Not a bad list, but no CS:S, both the pump action and auto are great, especially if you like a bit of surfing.

SlappingOysters3593d ago

problem is I could never get close enough to anybody to make good use of the shotgun. But then again, I am pretty rubbish at that game.

solar3593d ago

exactly. nothing would piss ppl off more than the noob cannon. especially in PUG's. and what about the shotty from BF2142? that pump was brutal.

and why do all these lists always contain games that are popular but dont deserve to be there? the shotty in Bioshock sucked.

the Scout's scattergun in Team Fortress 2 is soooo deadly in the right hands.

SlappingOysters3593d ago

Yeah I will give you that. the bioshock shotty wasn't great. Although exploding buck and eleticity had its uses.

okcomputer3593d ago

I dont know what you guys are talking about. the bioshock shotgun was one of the best ever. what other shotgun allowed for that level of customization. The electric buckshot alone beats out the shotguns from most other games.

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Swiftfox3593d ago

Golden Eye didn't have the best shotgun, but I think it deserves and honorable mention since you can break your accuracy with it.

2 Shotgun blasts = 350% accuracy. Good times.

SlappingOysters3593d ago

when you just stand in the middle of a room and coat every door with proximity minds.

Watch that kill count role!

Fluffy2Duffy3593d ago

The best shotgun i ever played in a game is PAINKILLER!! that was awsome!!

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