Watch_Dogs 2 Gets New Video Detailing the Living World of San Francisco

Today, Ubisoft released the fourth video in its "Remote access" video series for upcoming open-world adventure game, Watch_Dogs 2.

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Errorist76686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Watching several extended play times with the game brought me to the conclusion this game will make much more gamers happy than the first game!

UgoGalimbertti686d ago

I agree, There's hate everywhere man.. You just said more people will be happy with the game and get that much negative votes. Idk what's going on, but I'm enjoying my time, luck to those guys that only enjoy 10/10 games, they have fun once a year, or less.

bloop686d ago

I think Ubi get more hate than they deserve. The first WD got some things right, but an awful lot wrong too!! Some aspects of the game were good, but they were heavily outweighed by the overall mediocrity of the full package. I'm keeping my eye on WD2 tho. If history repeats itself it could be a great game. The first AC was pretty bad but it set the foundation for the sequel which was one of the best games of last gen imo.

BrettAwesome686d ago (Edited 686d ago ) does a comment like that piss people off? I agree. I think it's gonna be awesome!

Errorist76686d ago

Just pure Ubisoft hate, nothing more.

IxWoodstockxI686d ago

Watch Dogs 2 looks way too liberal for me.

Kalebninja686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

It's set in California and the main characters are young adults.

Ashlen686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Ok, I made a personal attack. By my own standards that's poor taste so I am removing it.

Errorist76686d ago


How did he defend anything?! You're strange.

Errorist76686d ago

It's a video game about hacking which in itself is a very anarchist thing. What did you expect?!

Video games in general are very liberal, in case you didn't notice.

IxWoodstockxI686d ago

I know but Watch Dogs 2 is WAY TOO LIBERAL FOR ME.

Errorist76685d ago

I find it a bit disturbing someone with Woodstock in his nick complains about something being too liberal...

IxWoodstockxI685d ago

I'm Woodstock the Peanuts Bird. I hate hippies and liberals actually.

dmeador686d ago

Say what you want about Ubisoft, its still incredible what goes into making games like this

Aither686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

I traveled back from the future to post a screenshot from the retail version of Watch Dogs 2.

LucasRuinedChildhood686d ago

Watch Dogs 2 certainly looks like a huge improvement, across the board. From what I can tell, most of what I disliked about the first game has been fixed: the driving now looks really fun (I think we can thank the Driver: San Francisco guys for that), it has more personality, the city has more colour (it's not just a drab grey) and variety, and apparently, the story and dialogue is quite good. I know a lot of people are irritated that some of the characters may be "hipsters", but it looks interesting and has some vague Mr.Robot vibes. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether the mission structure will be repetitive.

Overall though, Watch Dogs 2 seems to be an AC2-kind of jump forward as everyone predicted, which is nice.

Errorist76686d ago

The game itself makes fun of that hipster stereotype and doesn't take itself too seriously. It seems very refreshing.

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The story is too old to be commented.