The (Lack of) Human Behavior in Video Games

Nolanchart writes: "It's a brave new world out in the video game world. Every month all of these software developers make new high caliber games that provide an incentive for hardware companies to keep developing more powerful PC components. We always need more RAM with a higher bandwidth, a newer video card with a faster GPU, or larger amounts of video memory. Let's not forget that we may need to update our CPU chip to something as fast as a Quad Core, with a higher front side bus speed for over-clocking capabilities. This stuff costs money!

Why do I complain? The graphics are improving as the video game environment becomes more real and picturesque. When I shoot my M1 Garand, the gun moves against the direction I prefer, making it tougher to grapple. When I look into the sun, the screen almost goes blank just like real human eyes. A breeze passes and the trees and weeds move. My Springfield sniper rifle requires that I hold my breath to improve accuracy. But there's one problem that remains: the artificial intelligence of, say the Nazis in Call of Duty, remain with a greater number of holes and an unrealistic magnitude of predictability. Video game characters just aren't human enough! "

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