GTA IV' Sales Slow, Complicating Take-Two/EA Merger

CNN Money writes: "A report Thursday showed that sales of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.'s (TTWO) "Grand Theft Auto IV" video game have slowed considerably, which may complicate ongoing talks to buy the company.

Take-Two's GTA IV debuted on April 29, and sales reached a record $500 million in its first week. The New York-based company uses the game's success as proof that Electronic Arts Inc.'s (ERTS) $2 billion bid to buy Take-Two substantially under-values the company.

But new U.S. video game sales data from NPD Data may make it tougher for Take- Two to make that argument much longer."

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Silogon3447d ago

GTA4 is not the game I'd want my whole company to bank on for hard times. It's junk and people are finally starting to realise this. They're finally realising through trial and error that the game is a stripped down, bare bones, version. DLC or no DLC the game is junk and not worth the time. The mechanics and gameplay are both dated and unintuative.

Mercs 2 has better gameplay than this series does and the shooting is more rewarding too. GTA4 is flawed and needs to go away for a long time.

bluecapone3447d ago

EA will come to the rescue and save the T2 shareholders

sirbigam3445d ago

I borrowed the game from a freind, my lil bro completed it, after I played 1/4 of the game I got tired & bored of the game literally. I origionally played it on my friends xbox360 months before for some reason my interest wasnt all there, I was thinking this has got to be because of the 360 controls and mybe wait to play it on my ps3. But I was wrong it wasnt the controls, the game was just blah a letdown!

I later returned it to my freind told him it was fun to make him feel better! The sad part was I continued hearing about the hype witch made me hate the game, just couldnt beleive it I know GTA3's repetative but I still comleted the story!