Destructoid Review: Yggdra Union

Review by Dale North:

"When we first heard that Yggdra Union was coming to the PSP, we were a bit concerned. Why do port of a Game Boy Advance strategy title? How would it a good fit for Sony's PlayStation Portable? The PSP has a large screen that won't be kind to small GBA graphics, and the system's library already contains plenty of other strategy titles. Yggdra Union was a great game in it's day, but we just didn't know how well it would go over as an update.

Anyone that has played Sting's original GBA title will tell you that solid strategy game play was at it's core, and we're glad to say that this has carried over onto the new PSP version, alongside some visual and aural improvements.

Is Yggdra Union a successful port, though? And will it stand out among the many other PSP strategy titles?

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