Price Cuts Are Good but Make Sure You Do the Math

The main difference between the three systems is that the Arcade comes with a 256-megabyte memory card (sufficient for saving your game progress but useless for downloading almost anything from Xbox Live), while the Pro includes a 60-gig hard drive, and the Elite comes with a 120-gig drive.

So prospective Xbox 360 buyers are stuck with the same question they've had to wrestle with ever since Microsoft decided to go with this ridiculous trinity of models: Should they buy the cheapest model and buy a hard drive separately or just fork over for the bundle?

Let's do the math!

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InfiniteUnfloppery3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Poor Xbots,it appears they need some Lubrication for all the Shafting Microsoft is handing to them

AngryXbot3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

The PS3 is going to TRASH the crap60 this holiday season.

Resistance 2
WipeOut HD
Possibly WKC

Its over and done. The momentum aint stopping after December either. Continuing the trend of console domination, comes the highly anticipated king of all visuals Killzone 2, delivering next gen gameplay and next gen experience.

WKC if it hasnt arrived yet.
Tekken 6
Gran turismo 5
Eternal Sonata
Heavy Rain
God of War 3
Shadow of the Colossus 2 or formerly known as Team Ico game
There is just so much Triple As to look forward too, its unbelievable. Truly unbelievable.

And more. All these + all the multi platform titles like COD5, RE5, Fallout3, Mirrors Edge and more.

Hot damn, its good to be a PS3 owner. Xbots have nothing to look forward to.

Flopple 2, a confirmed 10 hour long RPG (epic failure) which has another 10 hours worth of sidequests set in a world thats 2.5km apart. ROFL epic failure never came so hard.

And Gays of war 1.5 which is not a console exclusive. Lets just admit it. Getting it for my PC for sure. And other than that, its not moving a single 360 console.

Hahaha failure. Bungie left, Ensemble studios is disbanded, Bioware is EA now, Team PGR has stopped working with MS, Lionheads studios is a 3rd party developer, so is Mistwalker and Rare is going to be disbanded soon as well.

360 owners are fked and have absolutely nothing. The first clue came when HD DVD became fking TRASH. So you supported a dead format MS claimed to be the "future". Why dont you feel FKED? Because essentially, thats what MS did to you. FK YOU OVER!

MS didnt just diss away their 1st party because they felt like it. More likely than not, the 360 is going to be their last console.

With 6,5 billion in red and almost 8 years down the road with no light in sight of the tunnel (Nintendo still owns MS and Sony has way better future prospects), they are essentially FKED.

I cant blame them for leaving. Their reputation has become worst than ever with their unreliable hardware, the 3 year warranty being about to end soon, they dont have a format so even their next console will be fked unless digital downloads has progressed enough (which it wont). So they are FKED.

Interesting note is that if they give another warranty, they have to take 2 billion loss, again. 1 billion was when they had 9 million sold consoles. They have now sold 20 million consoles. To cover this, they need twice the reserves, aka 2 billion.

Fked when the holiday comes, fked after the holidays, fked every month after that, and fked if they come with a new console...

I cant blame them for leaving hahaha. Thats what happens when you muscle yourself into the market with no innovation or originality. You end up buttfking yourself...

Now what xbots. Youre the dumbasses here, not us. Youre the one with a dead console with a dead prospect. When all shiat is done, you will have realized you missed out on the greatest gaming has to offer because everything was PS3 exclusive.

KBDuB3540d ago

You're just angry cause you have a sad.. sad life. =(

Spread Butt Cheeks3540d ago

the saddest part is 1.0 and 1.1 is Nasim posting and replying to himself. That stupid fvcking muslim needs to go blow himself up already.

allah! allah! allah! allah! allah!

lol, wackos

InfiniteUnfloppery3541d ago

I feel Incredibly Joyous knowing my Relationship with Sony shall never Falter

InfiniteUnfloppery3541d ago

Thank you Jesus for creating Ken Kutaragi,the Visionary and Mastermind behind the Video Gaming Brand that constantly Shames and Humiliates the Xbox Brand

Silogon3541d ago

No HDD means no xbox live downloads and no movie downloads and no arcade downloads but a slight few... Why even have the system? People are going to buy this thinking I'll play GTA4 on it and get the DLC and then realise, oh wait... we can't.

Anyone who buys the 200 dollar xbox 360 sky deserves everything they get. Which is ironic cos it's basically nothing. Strange.