Metal Gear Solid 4 Afterthoughts With Ryan Payton

In one of his final interviews as part of Kojima Productions, Payton looks back at MGS4.

1UP writes:

"Metal Gear Solid 4 has been out for several months now, and a lot has happened in that time. PlayStation 3 sales were bumped up for a while, the game has gone cheap in some Japanese stores, and one of the game's most outspoken producers, Ryan Payton, has left Kojima Productions. Before Payton left, though, we were able to nab the following afterthoughts interview about his experience working on MGS4 for EGM.

Check out the full interview below the cut for word on how Payton was threatened by some especially hardcore fans, what parts of MGS4 required the most tweaking, and how satisfied he is with the project as a whole. Just be careful if you haven't taken the time to finish MGS4 yet, because spoiler abound."

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InfiniteUnfloppery3572d ago

Thank you Kojima Productions for the AAAA Blockbuster Playstation 3 Exclusive

FAQS3572d ago

A: I like your avatar!

InfiniteUnfloppery3572d ago



Poor Xbots,missing out on the Greatest Console Title of the past 10 Years.

FAQS3572d ago

A: In my oppinnion, they lost the Greatest Game Ever!

Silogon3572d ago

Useless and unwarranted journalism at its finest -- "Ps3 sales were bumped up for awhile and MGS4 has been in the bargain bins in Japan"

Did anyone need to know those bits of information? No. In the context of what this interview was about this offered up nothing more than filler and little more than a bias slant pot shot.

Veronica Belmont3572d ago

Im listening to the soundtrack of MGS right now, the whole experience of the metal gear series is one ill never forget, everything about it is breath taking, the whole story and atmosphere in the game feels so real.

The Best Is Yet To Come by Rika Muranaka ---Amazing!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3572d ago

Your Breath taking!;)

I still and always will have Fond memories of MGS1 on PS1;)

rockleex3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

what kind of "endeavors" Ken Kuturagi is pursuing after having left Sony. ^_^

Anyways Ryan Payton, be kind and leak us some info on MGS4:Substitution(or whatever subtitle they come up with).

I want the game to include/lack thereof installation. If Uncharted was able to achieve that graphical prowess without the need for installations, MGS4 definitely could do the same. At the very least minimize it to a 5GB installation that only has to be performed once.

They should also include theater mode like MGS3:Subsistence. Multiple endings or scenarios would be awesome. Jokes are VERY welcome.

What happened to Snake VS Monkey? They should rename it "Snake Escape". This time around, Snake will have to utilize the Metal Gear Mk3 and various other methods to capture the monkeys. Co-op play would be greatly appreciated.

Ability to play as apes in single player and multiplayer would be awesome. Hell, why don't Kojima Productions just release all major MGS characters?

Speaking of multiplayer, they should definitely add splitscreen online/offline to MGO with ability to add bots.

Teaser/demo for ZOE3 would be awesome and guarantee a must buy... that is if MGS4:Sub-w/e comes out before ZOE3.

There's just so much Kojima Productions can do for the second version of MGS4. ^_^

rockleex3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )


They need to release an alternate ending. An ending that doesn't have to explain every loose knot for the hell of tying loose knots. I personally never had any problems with MGS1, MGS2, or MGS3's unanswered questions. I was just craving for more masterful storytelling from Kojima.

MGS4 started with an awesome story, the best premise of any MGS games. Yet it failed to end with a bang like all other MGS. I was expecting a very satisfying ending like previous MGS' but all I got was a very well explained ending... -_-"

Of course, MGS4 was awesome in every aspect. The graphics, controls, gameplay, audio, story, cutscenes, etc were all awesome. The climax was better than any other MGS climax. In fact, the climax kept on going and reaching an even HIGHER point of climax.

The Microwave, Raiden vs submarine while reminiscing first encounter with Rose, Metal Gear vs Metal Gear, when Liquid gained control of SOP, etc etc.

I love it all. But the ending was just not up to par with past MGS endings... by a mile. There was no grand scheme of things. Everything had a very simple explanation. It just felt like everything that ever happened in the history of MGS meant almost nothing... purely because of the explanations given, and mainly the way the explanations were presented.

Kojima's a genius, I'm surprised he couldn't find a better way to present the explanations like in past MGS'.

If I had to rank MGS games, it would be:

1. MGS3, because everything about Big Bosses story is so damn awesome, and especially because the ending song 'Star Sailor - Way to Fall' perfectly fits his story. Why MGS3 wasn't as successful as MGS1/MGS2/MGS4 is just pure madness.
2. MGS1, for so much innovation, addictiveness, awesome storyline that isn't too convoluted.
3. MGS2, great story but too convoluted, gameplay/bosses not much to go crazy for, gets confusing near the end but AWESOME if you can understand.
4. MGS4 is last... but would be first if you simply take out the ending, or provide a better ending. >_<

Kojima... Snake has 6 months left to live, 3 as of now. Give him the proper send off he deserves!!! December 12th has been marked... I better receive an early Christmas present when I check my PS3 that morning. <_<

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