Shotguns: A Celebration

This gameplayer article celebrates the shotgun, the greatest weapon in gaming.

"The shotgun enters into an agreement with its operator whenever it is selected or awarded. Whether consciously or not, we all know the terms of this agreement. The weapon says: "I agree to kill – not hurt, kill – humanoid enemies with a single, squarely-aimed shot at distances of 25 feet and below. That is my strength. That is my job. That's what I'm for." The user says: "I accept your limited range and bottom-of-the-heap firing rate in light of your unprecedented power and performance at close quarters. Now let us go forth and flip some motherf*****s over."

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SlappingOysters3480d ago

Love the shotgun. Still my weapon of choice if the level allows for it!

DarkBlood3478d ago

the shotgun is my favourite weapon and the shotgun i want is the one the terminator use in the second movie that was b b b b badass lol