Ripten Review: Spore

Will Wright, the man who created the Sims phenomenon, finally gave the world Spore this weekend, after a long development and teasing gamers with the Spore Creature Creator. Unfortunately, like so many movie trailers, all the best parts were contained within that $10 download. The bottom line is: Spore is disappointing.

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clintos593478d ago

I think there just trying to get some hits on there site because this is the lowest score ive seen for spore thus far.

hay3478d ago

Dunno, I like it and looking at complexity and fun it gives that 5 is totally unfair. Spore is 7 at least imo.

Tobias1233478d ago

About the creature creator being the best part. I happened to enjoy the space age the best, personally. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it's nice to see things from another point of view.

3478d ago