GamersPlatform: JEOPARDY! Review

GamersPlatform Writes:
"Jeopardy is one of the longest running game shows on television, and it's been made into a game a lot of times, but somehow it doesn't give the gamers the charm the show wants to convey to its fans. Celebrating the 25th Year anniversary of Jeopardy, Sony Online Entertainment brings America's Favorite quiz show to the Playstation 3 through digital distribution via the Playstation Store. With a lot of things added into the game, will it give the gamers the satisfaction they're looking for? Will they actually feel like they're in the game?"

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clintos593626d ago

I might just pick this up since I like these type games, I can play with the family. This and Buzz Quiz.

blu3print3626d ago

one very important element, the jeopardy song while u are waiting to answer...