Fifa '09 demo out today, 'Club' details revealed

For all the football/soccer fans with an Xbox 360 or PS3, you'll get a chance to play the demo of Fifa '09, releasing later today on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network respectively.

Meanwhile, one of the new features of Fifa '09, Fifa '09 Clubs, enables gamers around the world to form or join user-controlled clubs of up to 50 people,

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rajman3543d ago

Fifa 09 came out on the PSN store yesterday

snakeater33543d ago

played the demo ...first impressions ? its an improved 08 engine with slicker passing, better physics and a real sense of momentum. unfortunatley for fifa, presentation aside, it still has a long way to reach the gameplay calibre of pes. nuff said

rawd3543d ago

I like the overall improvements on 08 and I will buy it

But don't the graphics seem more cartoony compared to previous versions?

iistuii3543d ago

poor gameplay. Has anything changed ??, typical ea sports

VF34EJ253543d ago

Yeah, why in the world do they keep making the Soccer games play like a soccer game? They need to add Ak47s and Aliens to make it more innovative. /sarcasm

Ngai3543d ago

That.. would actually be cool!

PureGamer3543d ago

u obviously have not played the demo then.

PureGamer3543d ago

Its been on xbox live since early yesterday.

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The story is too old to be commented.