New Socom: Confrontation Beta Patch Coming Soon

GamersPlatform Reports:

"As we all know the Socom: Confrontation beta can be quite the pain. Having to wait 10 minutes to get started is about as awesome as watching paint dry. The Socom team is aware of this problem and are working around the clock to get it fixed and bring us all a better beta experience

As of right now, The Socom Team is focusing in fixing these problems:"

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Hydrolex3626d ago

Whoever is making SOCOM sucks huge ballz.

A game with no Story and no Singleplayer and no good online ? WTF were they working at ?

the game is made of glitches and bugs.

plain rice3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

WTF? Its a beta and since when did Socom need a story? Online is where it shines.

PoSTedUP3626d ago

slant6 is making socom and they are doing a fantastic job. as a socom vet, you have no room to speak. this game is phenomenal in every aspect. if you dont by it then it is your loss but i guarantee you when you hear everyone talking about it and saying how epic it is... you will buy it and enjoy it. trust me.

yea, the servers are much improved since the beta opened, good thing they are hard at work man i really appreciate them doing this for the socom fans out there.

mikeslemonade3626d ago

Some of these issues seem to be like they should have been ironed out sooner. There's going to be hundreds of other bugs in the game guranteed. It's going to be a pain to do clan wars when things like this happen.

Tarasque3626d ago

Game is about as epic as GRAW. While it is just ok when the game does play good, which is maybe once every other day. Put it to you this way, i canceled my pre order and i am going to buy my headset straight out.

TOSgamer3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Where the game would cause a hard lock(requiring you to hit the switch on the back of the ps3 to reset) on your Ps3 every 5 to 10 minutes. Look how that game turned out. But the difference is Incog gave themselves 3 months before the scheduled release to fix the beta bugs. Slant Six has only giving themselves one and a half months. At this point I'd expect this game to get delayed until November.

PoSTedUP3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

that was one the dumbest things i have ever herd man.

your going to buy a 50$ headset with no game when you can buy a 60$ headset with a game that you can sell for 40$ and make 40$ off of???? money is money dude, your either ignorant, or just stupid. for real.

mikeslemonade3626d ago

Socom is going to be more community focused than Warhawk. There's a lot more things that can go wrong with Socom than in Warhawk. In Socom stats matter and rank matter.

Tarasque3625d ago

Call it what you will. The Dev is not getting my hard earned money period. I would rather spend more money in something i believe in, then spending less in something i don't.

blusoops3625d ago

I guess Tarasque is rich. I completely agree w/1.6 My money is hard-earned as well, and money is money. I'll be picking up the game with the headset, and if for any reason the game is not to my liking, i'll just sell it. If it sells for any amount over $10, i'm saving money on the AAA headset. That's the way I look at it cause i don't have money laying around to spend more on "something i believe in" when i can get it for less!!

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Hagaf223626d ago

i cant wait for the patch, while there are some other issues, the load times are the biggest problem to me, i enjoy the game, and as long as they fix the bugs its a day one buyer, plus it comes with a great headset for the same price as a regular game....

Fishy Fingers3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Had problems the first few nights, but seems much better lately, never have to wait more than a few minutes to get into games.

Still a few minor issues, slightly lag occastionally and a few graphical hiccups but it's a beta. That's expected.

And if your moan about problems like this with a beta then perhaps your don't belong in them. They're game testing, fault finding is the name of the game with a beta. It's not a demo.

Then again, the majority of the people moaning about it aren't in the beta are they.....

CBaoth3626d ago

This isn't a BETA. This is nothing more than a "public" stress test. A la MGO. There wont be any improvements prior to the title's street date so throw that 6 week window out the...well you know...window. All they're doing now is refining the network so it works w/o major incident on October 14th.

My only questions are to Slant 6; when did the socom "classic" cam become GRAW's hideous "over-the-shoulder" cam? Was it 3 or combined assault? And did it happen before or after you butchered the series on PSP?

plain rice3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Stress test is part of beta testing FYI. And how would you know there won't be any improvements? Do you work at Slant Six?

Dark General3626d ago

I'm glad they are finally going to fix the problem of waiting a good 5 or 6 minutes before connecting to a game. Besides that and the occasional frame rate dip i haven't experienced many problems myself. Though there was a bug i uncovered where one guy just floated around the entire map. He didn't shoot and couldn't die. He was just stuck in the same animation pose moving around slowly and couldn't be killed and he couldn't kill anyone else.

PS: The Bizon with a Acog scope kicks ass.

PoSTedUP3626d ago

the M4A1 with a 203 launcher and an AGOG is OFFICIAL! + the AK= my favorite.

ima have to try out the BIZON with an acog.

the automatic shotty is A BEAST!!!!! A BEAST I tell ya, that gun is nothing to F with.

Nuclearwinter3626d ago

The M60 with ACOG and Laser is pretty bad ass as well. The 552 with front grip and laser is pretty damn good too.

Dark General3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I thought i seen the automatic shotgun but i wasn't sure. It looked like it by looking at the drum barrel and it being listed under shotgun but i wasn't sure. I was using i believe the HK5 (or 552) with low scope and silencer but the silencer was making it weaker so i switched it out for a front grip. I haven't used alot of guns yet to tell the truth once i find a weapon i'm good with i usually stick with it.

Try out the Bizon with Acog. It's got good accuracy and low recoil and a pretty good clip size at i believe 53. The damage is moderate and isn't as strong as the assault rifles. But it makes up for it in fire rate, low recoil and accuracy. I haven't used the nade launcher since i usually get pretty tight when someone fires a grenade from down the block.

PoSTedUP3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

yea the M60 tares s*** up. they are going to be adding more guns im sure of it in the final game. cant wait. they need to bring PMN mines in the final game along with a few other things like Thermal Scopes.

@ dark- yea the M14 also with a long scope and a bipod is extremely accurate for long distance. shooting M203's in this game is a challenge, its not like cod4 where you know where you are aiming and you know where its going to touch down. i usually get heated when some1 shoots one at close range at my feet cause that is p*ssy, but if they can kill me from a distance then i congratulate them ya know.

edit @ your edit- i still haven't played a big game yet, it takes too long for a big game to load but i herd they were fun. cant wait to see what they do with this new update, hope they make the servers better for now.

call of what?

Dark General3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Yeah i would definitely like some mines to be included in the full game. I thought claymores would function as a proximity mine of sorts but you have to actually manually detonate them. I'm not exactly one of those rocket launcher, frag grenade and LMG toting badasses. I'm more akin to someone with a nice SMG and some mines or claymores.

I definitely like Socom over CoD4. It still doesn't beat out TF2 for me but it's definitely a really good multiplayer experience.

edit: Yeah i noticed. I was playing a 26 player match and about half of the other team had rocket launchers and were blasting them off from the top of roofs and that clock tower. Pissed me off. It was that much satisfying hunting them down knowing they couldn't shoot up close worth a sh** and just gunning them down.

Dark General3626d ago

You should definitely try and wait and play one of the bigger games. It's great that a good 75 percent of the people in socom beta i've played with have mics. When you're playing a big battle and the entire team is in sync. Some people flanking, some sniping, and other on the front lines and everyone is communicating with each other and actually working together is awesome. Most of the people on Socom is like the dudes i play TF2 with really laid back and easy to get along with, with none of them being loudmouths.

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AngryXbot3626d ago

What? You mean like COD4 EU in the early months?

The difference? SOCOM is in BETA, you know, the phase thats meant to iron out these bugs?

While COD4 screwed EU gamers for 3 months straight. The problem wasnt fixed until January 2008.

SOCOM when it arrives will ROCK. Triple A headset and triple A gameplay. I cant wait.

TresTrendu3625d ago

No if we can just get another bubble from you.....

AngryXbot3625d ago

Taking your stupid bubbles just for saying that, stupid bot.

Panthers3625d ago

R6V was even worse. It didnt take that long to get into a game, but the lag was terrible. So was the graphics. This is a PSN game and looks a million times better than R6V.

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