GameSpy: Saints Row 2 Preview

GameSpy writes: "Last week, we traveled to Las Vegas for a truly epic six-hour gameplay marathon with Saints Row 2. Honestly, we were pleasantly surprised by its performance, running much smoother than we'd seen just a week before at PAX. With Saints Row 2 at about 99% completion, the amount of content contained within this sandbox-style shooter is staggering and we found our mere six hours inadequate to fully sample all of the activities and diversions. Still, we managed to put a bit of a dent in the story and although Saints Row 2 claims to take a grittier and darker approach than the first game, we found the comedic treatment of ruthless gang violence to be among the game's most entertaining."

+Just a ridiculous amount of stuff to do at any given time
+Surprisingly funny scatological humor

-Not even remotely a serious treatment of gang warfare
-No decent option for pigtails in the character creator

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