Gamespy: NHL 09 Review

There are a lot of gamers out there that just can't get into sports games. This probably isn't surprising, as some titles (we're looking in your direction, Madden NFL) require an in-depth knowledge of the sport's rules or the ability to understand the pre-designed plays. This might explain why, in some circles, NHL games are more popular than their real-life counterpart. We know quite a few folks that have no interest in the actual NHL, yet will gladly sit down for a few games of EA's latest entry in the seminal hockey series. Those people will be happy to hear that this year's game, the aptly named NHL 09, may be the best in the franchise's history, despite the fact that you can't make Sidney Crosby's head bleed all over the ice.

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clintos593598d ago

Thinking of picking this and NBA09 up.