Bioshock PS3 demo coming October 2nd

2k writes:

"The title says it all! The BioShock demo is scheduled to go live worldwide on the PLAYSTATION Network on October 2nd. That's less than one month until you get your first taste of Rapture on the PS3.


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I had to use the news link since another story was submitted here using 2k's homepage.

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TheOtherGuy3567d ago

nya nya nya nya nyaa,we get the BETTER version!

ape0073567d ago

ps 3 fans make sure you enter rapture DAY 1

fantastic game

TheOtherGuy3567d ago

la la la la laaa,xbox is a big FLOP!

InfiniteUnfloppery3567d ago

Ha ha ha ha haaa,Xbots live in Flopsville!

Omegasyde3567d ago going to seriously regret it. I do wonder how LBP, R2, Socom, Wipeout, Sacred 2, Fallout 3, NFS, Motorstorm 2, etc...

Are going to leave any room for anything else... Sorta like A game coming out a week after a Halo sequel. Commercial Suicide.

Solid_Snake6663567d ago

personally i dont need a demo for LBP R2 and socom because i know what i can expect but it would be nice to get a fallout demo but probably wont happen

RememberThe3573567d ago

Fallout 3 is still a question mark in my mind, I'm interested in it, but I never like the Elder Scrolls games and I never played any Fallout games. A demo would be nice.

Panthers3567d ago

The way you can pause the game to pick what part of the body to shoot looks so boring. That is what bothers me.

FURY__UNLEASHED3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I love demos!

The more the better!
I like how XBL market place has demos of all its games. I wish sony would do that:(

I mean, does anyone NOT like demos?

mfwahwah3566d ago

If you need a Fallout demo then rent Oblivion. Just imagine you have a gun and all those people are future people. And robots are around too, instead of horses (or something).

Anyway, I don't need a Bioshock demo to be released; I just need the game to be released.


Then turn that function off. You have that option, ya know.

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The story is too old to be commented.