Game Informer: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Updated Hands-On

MotorStorm was one of the first-party titles that Sony had in their launch window for the PlayStation 3. The racer left a lot of people in awe and high curious before it came out due to one hell of a CG trailer shown at an E3 press conference. When it was finally released, the game was received by critics with pretty average reviews stating that the game was gorgeous but lacked depth. Now Evolution Studios is back with the all-new MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and Game Informer took three of the new tracks for a test drive.

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Silogon3594d ago

Seems bikes and ATV's control the same; making wide swooping turns and generally not behaving like they should. I'll buy MS2, I'm sure, but I probably won't play it much past a week or 2, just like the 1st one.

Omegasyde3594d ago

The game is 4 players split screen, and will more than likely have DLC + online racing.

The 4 player splitscreen has me sold as long as they have it with rubber banded racing modes.

Game might be a surprise hit because of that and be the closest this to mario kart for the ps3 as far as multi-player action goes.

LeonSKennedy4Life3594d ago

Until Twisted Metal PS3 releases...


pwnsause3594d ago

Siligon, you will play it, at least twice a week, im sure of that. you keep comaparing to a game that was a First Generation PS3 title, to a 3rd Generation PS3 title. this game has custom music, 4 player splitscreen and of course 16 players online. What more are you asking?

tocrazed4you3594d ago

Like motorstorm 1.5 I was a huge fan of the first series but I am not so sure about this one. I hope it proves me wrong wait... I hope it doesn't cause if it does I would be broke from lbp, fallout3, and resistance 2.

Skadoosh3594d ago

What does that mean??? Motorstorm 1.5? Gears of War 1.5? Halo 2.5? Name one game that the sequel does something completely drastic. I don't care if Motorstorm is just a simple upgrade, I'm a huge fan and i'll be picking it up day one.

TheColbertinator3594d ago


I think Metal Gear Solid 3 is the biggest change ever from its prior MGS2.The change was the setting from offshore facility to a wide jungle.Before in MGS2,there were a few basic fighting moves and then MGS3 had around 7 different fighting and holding techniques.The controls were revamped,the graphics were pushed forward considerably,the story was turned around and thrust 40 years into the past,weapons in the game were entirely different on both games and the survival methods in MGS2 were completely different than the survival methods in MGS3.

That's about it

FantasyStar3594d ago

Same here, I never liked the rubber-banding that the first Motorstorm had. But that's just me. I got bored quickly and traded-in my copy because of the lack of features and bare-bones multi-player.

Skadoosh3594d ago

Yes it was bare bones but it was still fun. I always thought that was the main thing.

PoSTedUP3594d ago

i loved it cause it was the most badass brutal racing game i ever played. it was a true heart pounding experience that i couldnt fine anywhere else and their was no game that can match it. also, i like how the tracks were separated and their was just so many routes it was like 10 maps on one track and that gave it alot of replay value. it is thee most intence off road racing game and that is proven, it is for the extreme hardcore gamer mostly.

motorstorm is my kind of game ; ).

Skadoosh3594d ago

Yeah Motorstorm is just complete fun. It doesn't need a sh*t load of new features. I hate when people use the whole 1.5 crap.

PoSTedUP3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

i think they are adding some good stuff to the already fantastic gameplay. Monstertrucks should make it VERY interesting and crazy. the whole new setting is going to be awesome.... volcanoes?!?!?! WHAT!. 2 player split screen is what we wanted.... now its FOUR player split screen and that it a big jump right there. the duck mechanism, the all new and improver aggressive AI, MORE TRACKS, more vehicles, oh man this is going to be phenomenal. i cant wait.

btw, did they add more people to the online?

sonarus3594d ago

I'm not going to BS you. Its MS 1.5 Not much has changed except for the locale. More maps have been added. The game is a lot more aggressive than it used to be and issues with the first one have been addressed.

From the demo if you were a fan of the first one you will love this one and the 4p split sceen alone makes it a must buy because now you can actually play with your friends:D

jaysquared3594d ago

If you dont want much changed why don't you just stick with the first Motorstorm? Sounds you like the fact it was lacking a lot of stuff like splitscreen which I can't believe a next gen racing game doesn't have... So much for the power of the PS3.. I mean Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 had 4 player splitscreen and my cell phone now is more powerful than that machine!

PoSTedUP3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

the gameplay is the same, that was perfect.

you cant really tell the changes from a demo, it may not be alot of changes but their are some SIGNIFICANT ones including all the ones i named in my previous comment above. i think they improved it a decent amount.

@ jaysquared above- i think you need an education.... what does split screen have anything to do with the power of the machine? if you were trying to be funny... then.... wow, that was lame..... sorry : /.

Skadoosh3594d ago

Why don't I keep playing Motorstorm? Maybe because I have already conquered it and want a new one.

BattleAxe3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Codemaster's GRID also does not have split screen, so whats your point? Actually why don't you go watch a DVD on your XBOX.

Back to the game though, Now that it has 16 tracks instead of 8, 4 player split screen and the fact that you can play your own music in game should give this game a high rating.

SL1M DADDY3594d ago

Let me think here... More vehicles, larger online competition, split screen, better lighting, nicer bump mapping, clearer and sharper images, new location, more tracks and all the goodness that came with the first MS does not = simply MS 1.5.

This was a demo that had me glued to the TV for over an hour. The vehicles detail is by far better than the first one and the carnage is just as good if not better. Saying this is MS 1.5 is like saying that Forza 2 was actually Forza 1.5 just because they added a few extra cars and updated the online features...

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spectyre3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Metacritic has it at 82. Is 82 out of 100 "pretty average"? I personally am not a fan of racing games but I enjoyed the hell out of Motorstorm. My only complaint was the long load times.

Jamie Foxx3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

totally agree dude and considering the biasnes that surrounded and to some extent still today ps3 reviews motorstorm was a massive hit.

day one purchase

radio0o3594d ago

The guy who wrote this is an idiot. The scores it received were good and why does he keep on bringing up depth? How much depth can an arcade style whacky fun racing game have? This idiot wants it to be like Gran Turismo or something.

Anyway I'm very excited about MotorStorm 2. The first one was very fun and this one looks like it will be even more fun. Most likely buying it day one.

InfiniteUnfloppery3594d ago

Poor Xbots,stuck playing Yaris

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