TeamXbox: Armored Core for Answer Co-Op Hands-On

Recently TeamXbox brought you their impressions of the soon to release Armored Core For Answer, the latest sequel in the long-running giant mech game franchise from Japan soon to drop on to North American shores. It's big mechs, it's lots of heavy energy weapons and missiles flying in elegantly abstract contrail trails, and giant anthropomorphic machines battling even more giant behemoth military platforms. You know, your standard stuff.

But one of the features that For Answer introduces to the ten-year-old series is one that may not have been done before, but it seems like everyone is now. Co-operative play is possible in Armored Core For Answer, though only for two players. But you can grab a friend and attack one of the bigger enemies in multiplayer, each of you taking a different angle or perhaps focusing on different parts of the enemy.

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Swiftfox3599d ago

Looking forward to this game. When I heard Sega was dropping publishing rights of the fanchise I was a bit worried it might not hit the states.

In a suprise move, Ubisoft picked it up, glad they did. Lets hope they support both consoles in ALL regions equally. Sega had a tendancy to drop the PS3 servers, and only released up to Reg. 1.4 on the PS3 in the USA.