Windows 7 Beta 1 To Start As Early As December

GameXtract writes "With the recent announcement of Windows 7 I really don't know what to say. I'm looking at my machine, and wondering if my current XP PC is really that old. I say no, but that's a personal opinion. ZDNET received information from an anonymous source indicating that Beta 1 could hit as early as this December. Mid-December to be exact. He goes on to say that already closed beta testing has occurred on "milestone" builds. Microsoft is aiming for a late 2009 release, and with the first beta builds already out for selected individuals it looks like everything is on track….thus far. We shall see in the near future if the development takes any dumps along the way, and cause a stinky delay."

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Speed-Racer3598d ago

Damn I need to get my new laptop fast...wanna try out this Windows 7...hopefully it's better than the bloodsucking Vista.

psnDevistator3563597d ago

THE Same thing I was thinking. Hope its better than crappy vista.

strotee3598d ago

That's about the same time the beta testing for Vista will wrap up.

Blasphemy3597d ago

LOL. I think I may just wait until Windows 7 come out instead of upgrading to Vista.

f7897903597d ago

I can wait. No game is going to demand Vista as a requirement besides Halo 2.

InfiniteUnfloppery3597d ago

Jump In to the Next Microsoft Flop

jay23597d ago

Just make sure 7 is A LOT better than Vista MS.

LeShin3597d ago

Damn, what about the people who spent a crap load of money on Vista recently?

That's why I'm a Ubuntu man from now on!

Infernus3596d ago

The advice for people considering Vista was to either get it with a new PC or stick with XP. I got Vista free with my custom PC, so can't complain about it really. It's not like it cost me anything.

Hopefully Windows 7 will promote multicore gaming more than Vista has done. Us high end Dual core/ Quad core users would appreciate it :)

DX10 and multicore gaming are two of the big things Vista has given us. However it has made me reformat my system twice since getting it. Hurry up MS and either fix Vista quickly or abandon it and give the Vista adopters cheap Windows 7 upgrades. I don't think that's too much to ask really...

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The story is too old to be commented.