WWE 2K17 Review | GES

GES writes: "It’s summer time again in South Africa and with the that marks another entry into the annual WWE 2K franchise. Now in its third year of proper publishing and Co-developing the yearly title, the sports simulation direction 2K Sports and Visual Concepts – with help from long standing developer Yukes – have charted is starting to become much clearer, so let’s see how WWE 2K17 fares and if it captures the experience that South African fans are accustomed to watching weekly on e-tv.

The first thing that makes an immediate impression this year is presentation. From the moment you load the game and are greater by the WWE banner intro video, to the cleaner, streamlined dynamic menus with models of your favourite male and female WWE Superstars strutting their stuff, to the use of in game models in the character selection and match-up screens so as to blend in more seamlessly with your created grapplers, a greater premium has gone into stepping up the overall presentation. Certain entrances have been reanimated to more closely resemble each WWE Superstar’s journey from the curtain to the ring and now modes like WWE Universe and MyCareer are further visually buffed with the inclusion of intros and pyro for shows like Raw, Smackdown and NXT, further immersing the player in the WWE television experience."

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