PSP v2.0: Neo-Geo Pocket & Pocket Colour Emulator Released

You know, way back when, that one kid in every small town who was envied by all his/her peers for sporting a Neo-Geo gaming console or hand-held. Well now, years later, that's you - it's your time to shine. Reign WindJammers champion of the town with Akop's Neo-Geo Pocket and Pocket Colour emulator - "RACE! PSP."

Although; truthfully, I'm not sure whether WindJammers ever made it to the Neo-Geo Pocket or Pocket Colour. Nevertheless - PSP MAME4ALL supports it.

This is Akop's initial release ported from Flavor's original project. It's noted version 2.0 does not include save states; however, that is planned for the future. Good lookin' out.

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