NPD Canada Software Sales For August

From NextGen Player:

"Ah, it's the second Thursday of the month and that can mean only one thing. Another round of NPD software sales figures and the obligatory corporate PR spins. Or at least in an ideal world. You see, unlike are good friends to the south, up here in Canada the NPD Group doesn't provide us with hard numbers. Oh it's true, they most certainly don't. Instead, they issue teaser statistics like "Nintendo video games account for 14 of the top 20 in Canada in August". On occasion they even tell us the names of video games that made it onto the top 20, like this month! We're told the top 5 titles for August are:"

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Veronica Belmont3542d ago

I thought that was Jackie chan in the picture, im disapointed now.....sad face.

Mr_Bun3542d ago

I thought Too Human would be number!

IzKyD13313542d ago

they don't even give sales numbers, thats lame

paulhunter3542d ago

I share your concern. I contacted the NPD Group to ask why they don't share numbers and they told me I had to buy the data. Apparently they don't give out Canadian figures for free.

v1c1ous3542d ago


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