Playstation By The Numbers - Sony Responds To NPD Results

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Here's the response from Sony regarding Playstation sales for August. "

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INehalemEXI3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

The PS Trinity does look strong. Each piece of hardware is moving healthy #s.

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nbsmatambo3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

no matter wat the numbers are, Sony always says the Playstation brand >.<

then we get these numbers thrown into our faces =/

Cryos3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

yep, the Playstation Brand is going strong.

I'm not really suprised by the Attach figures. Smaller install base for PS3, means a higher diehard to casual ratio. Not to mention, if other PS3 owners were like me, they skipped on madden last year because of the problems. (I'm usually an every other year madden person anyway)

What I find constantly interesting is how these companies present their figures. MS usually always compares to PS3, Sony compares to past years, and Nintendo, well, they just don't say much.

It'd be nice if the companies released global sales, though.

edit- Popeye, you belong -->

Omegasyde3570d ago


same here I only get madden every other year.

Ea and I have a love/hate relatioship with football games..
I love NFL, I hate EA.

Sorta sucks about the EA Monopoly.

Popeye go talk smack in the other zone, hence the reason for its creation for people like you.

P.S. I left you a message there.

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Bathyj3570d ago

So, whats your point. If it wasn't for Halo XB would have sold in the thousands, not millions. BluRay (and Halo) are here to say and people want it. Deal with it and stop giving Game and Watch classics a bad name.

Popeye3570d ago

lol really, is that why the 360 has an overall attach ratio of 8.0 and has accounted for 56% of 3rd party sales, more than Wii and ps3 combined?

Gothdom3570d ago

The thing is, for the sony trinity, is that they hold a big marketshare with those three products. That's why there's no price drop for the ps3 on the horizon... so not only because it costs as much as it is sold.

That's their tactic and that's how they play it.

MS has a big 11% marketshare each month, which is the lowest in between the Big 3. The price drop on the 360 and the closing of Ensemble doesn't look straight.

Popeye: the lack of an HDD on everymodel and higher capacity disc makes the 360 obsolete. They added HDMI, but what about the customer that bought the console before? yes, they got cheated. How about those who bought the console without an HDD? They got cheated too. Wi-Fi? yeah, cheated too. Live? I always said that pay-2-play is stupid and it still is. You shouldn't be charged twice for something. You pay for an internet connection, why should you pay again to use it?

Also, the only place the xbox sell well is in NA. Japan and Europeans are not interested in the 360.

and IMO, Microsoft has McDonaldized 3rd party games. Although, EA is also responsible for that.

SL1M DADDY3570d ago

The Playstation brand is not one console, it is three consoles. Casuals and hardcores are welcome yet, fanboys of the "other" console ridicule the PS brand for not outselling the 360 with the PS3... I suspect that if the world had to pick a single company to stand behind it would be Sony. They cater to all crowds and not just one.

As for me, I play games and love my consoles, all of them.

robbo9183570d ago

@nbsmatumbo: Its because Sony has a brand, it has 3 systems still selling, why wouldn't they use that? If MS was still selling Xbox trust me they would say the same. If they had a handheld the same applies.

@popeye: The overall attach rate includes an entire year of games that the PS3 and Wii don't have. The attach rates for the past year only are a much different story. I am sick of that song and dance. Be a fanboy, but at least come up with something new.

egm_hiphopgamer3570d ago

Considering the price the ps3 along with the sony brand is still the strongest man

Nathaniel_Drake3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

So I guess we should condemn Sony because they are prolonging their last gen system and giving us a wonderful portable alternative

"OOPs we flopped again, we just can't figure out a way to trick Americans into letting us force our in-house movie format up their keisters."

Again condeming Sony for giving us a high def format for games and movies, you know extra content, when also more people are buying high def tv sets just makes your statement seem nonsensical

Also the fact that multiplat games are now beating the competition in sales, the article states Madden 09 and Soul Caliber have sold more than other systems

Note: Not being a fanboy, but just had to analyze the statement you made because it makes no sense

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RememberThe3573570d ago

Someone doesn't seem to like positive spin. You gotta admit though the PSP did really well this month.

VF34EJ253570d ago


Okay whatever...

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tocrazed4you3570d ago

So does that mean if ps3 had more consoles sold in the us or roughly the same of the xbox 360 it would sell more software?

Popeye3570d ago

No, it means they would sell more bluray movies.

TheOtherGuy3570d ago

and Microsoft would sell more Too Hu-Oh SNAP THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!Too Human FLOPPED XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm strong to the finish when i eats me spinach I'M Popeye the sailor man!toot toot B*TCH XD!!!!!

InfiniteUnfloppery3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

With 3 Successful Platforms on the Market,the Playstation Brand continues to Define the Video Game Industry

Omegasyde3570d ago

Sort-of-off-topic. But a good for all 360 owners.

So by the end of this year, and roughly the begining part of 2009 I am giving a good guess...say 25-35% of the users warranties will expire. This of coarse excludes the few who bought the extended warranty at place of purchase...(VERY FEW)


"As a result of what Microsoft views as an unacceptable number of repairs to Xbox 360 consoles, the company conducted extensive investigations into potential sources of general hardware failures," the company said in a statement. The three-year extension is for all 360s, and will be retroactively applied to every console bought since the 360 launched. That means anyone who bought a console in November 2005 will be covered until November 2008."

WOW. So by simple "Logic" either 3 things will happen next year.

1)360 sales will go back up due to people having to "rebuy" thier console to justify games library


2)Trade it in and swap for a ps3 or Wii.


3)Play the 360 cautiously.

Food for thought.

Popeye3570d ago

No one wants to downgrade their gaming experience by going from 360 to Flopstation 3

GameDev3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

you freakin idiot, just to prove how superior the PS3 is to the crapbox 360 why don't you beg a PS3 owner to let you see VAMPIRE RAIN on the PS3.

A title that was PURE AND UTTER COMPLETE UNAPOLOGETIC GRAPHICAL CRAP on the 3fixme, drum roll please............LOOKS GORGEOUS ON THE PS3.

Im soooooo sick of xbot idiots spreading pure and utter crap on this site. The playstation brand will own you idiots and that joke of a console maker called microsoft. The day they are forced to bow out because of the beatdown they are getting from sony is the day I throw a PS3 party on my block. Rent a 103" plasma from my connection over @ panasonic and invite all the 360 fanboys to see what REAL NEXT GEN GRAPHICS are suppose to look like.

Again let me state that I was cautious about getting this title for PS3 because of the utter garbage it was on the 3fixme. Something just told me to get it anyway and so far I have been very pleasantly surprised. btw before the xgirls start huffin and puffin about me being just like them and spreading bs. I bought that title for my kid on 360 back when that piece of crap worked. I have seen those graphics first hand and I have now seen the PS3 version first hand. 3fixme has been FAWKING OWNED in this multiplat. Lets see gaytrailers or eurogaymer do a comparison on this one.

Popeye3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Ps3 owners think Vampire Rain is a good game? Poor pathetic souls. I guess compared to the rest of the ps3's library it probably is. I've got a Live Arcade game that has a higher score than every ps3 exclusive except 1 (missed it by a single point). I feel really bad for anyone that loves gaming, but only has a ps3.

Oh, and Lamedev vvvvvvv

Lol, notice how the 360 user score is lower than the meta score? Do you notice how the ps3 user score is higher than the meta score? Proof that 360 users know the difference between a good and bad game.

juuken3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Popeye, you may be a sailor man, but you're a major failure.
Stop with the B.S that the PS3 has no games.

Seriously, stop.

"Ps3 owners think Vampire Rain is a good game?"

Nobody thinks Vampire Rain is a good game ya dumbass moron. The game is a disgrace to the gaming industry and I wouldn't wish this game on my worst enemy.

You want to gloat about games on the 360?

The PS3 has just as many good games as you're bragging about.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Rachet & Clank
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

I could go on with that list but I wouldn't want to embarrass you any further.

Give it up buckaroo.

*sigh* Yet another multiple account from the bots.

How sad is that?

If the PS3 is so inferior, then how is it I can change my harrdrive to anything I want and use any universal bluetooth headset? How come the corporation of which I get my system from doesn't force *me* to use their hardware or force me to buy battery packs for my controller when it runs out? How come the corporation of which I got my system from offers online for free and the only thing I have to pay for are games? How come this corporation has so many exclusives coming out this year that I have no idea which one to buy first?

Popeye3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

The f**k it does.

What is it with sony and it's minions being the biggest liars of the gaming industry?

Btw, you have a sony engineered movie technology lodged in your anus right now. And I thought everyone was aware that sony holds the patent on blu-ray technology.

juuken3570d ago

And...I see a whole lotta red for the 360, compared to the PS3 and most of those games came out between this year and last year.

The 360 is a much older system-that's why you have so many games you imbecilic fool. The PS3 is a much younger system to begin with so I don't see why you feel the need to pull out metacritic.

The 360 may have more games but the PS3 has more quality.

Now f*ck off dear. I'm sure you're neglecting your skinny girlfriend there.

Popeye3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Explain to me exactly why having more red matters, when the amount of green on 360 is double the amount of green on the ps3? Also explain how the ps3 being delayed a year later than the 360 matters to someone who want's the highest quality games in the largest quantity(i.e. best game library).

juuken3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Explain to me the amount of green on the 360 when the 360 is a much older system and the PS3 is barely two years old. So what if the 360 has good games? You're implying that the PS3 doesn't have good games when it does.

And by the way, you can't play the games when your system dies on you within a month.

You're a waste of bubbles.

I love how I lost a bubble. 360 fanbrats are stealing bubbles yet again!

It's alright ya know.

I could care less.

JoySticksFTW3570d ago

Omegasyde, Popeye, GameDev, Juuken...

Bubbles to all for making me laugh and have a good time at lunch while I'm at work! :)

And props to Droid below.... even though I'm a PS3 fanboy, his trolling is hilarious

Viva la Open Zone! Viva la Console War!!

Popeye3570d ago

lol Holy Sh*t! A Sony fan that isn't a brooding psycho.

Bubbles to you as well Joysticks

juuken3570d ago

I'm a brooding psycho because I proved you wrong?

You're pathetic, really you are. :)

I am a PS3Wii fan.

That's how much you know.

RoidRage3570d ago

Who knows about broody, but you are definately an idiot.

Popeye utterly destroyed you with actual proof, then you're dumb enough to mention "proving" him wrong in your last post.

Funny stuff.

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YoshiMeetsU3570d ago

A tri-fecta of bad assery!

nbsmatambo3570d ago

heres a bubble for making me laugh ^.^

SL1M DADDY3570d ago

I got a laugh out of that too. Bubbles for both.

Droid3570d ago

360 = more hardware sold and higher attach rate.

droids were owned