GameTrailers: NHL 2K9 PS360 Comparison

Pick your poison.

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kspraydad3539d ago

Not a game to judge by graphics...its pretty but the game play I tried (PS3) was awful.

As for the comparison...what's with the 'fog' in the X version? Looked like PS2 draw distance issues! Are we debating the setup for the comparison or is the X version 'washed out' like that?

PirateThom3539d ago

Yeah, I see what you mean about the "fog", the PS3 version definitely looks a lot crisper or something

InMyOpinion3539d ago

Depth of field? Anti-aliasing?

Mr_Bun3538d ago

I tried the demo and I couldn't handle it either...I was hoping they were going to do a comparison between NHL 09 and NHL 2k9

xm15e2s3538d ago

My copy of NHL 2K9 should arrive in the mail today.

The demo looked beautiful on my 360. Crystal clear and the colors really popped.
The sounds in this game are awesome, as well. They really nailed the sound of players getting sent into the boards! I have a very nice 5.1 setup and when playing the demo at high volumes it really sounds like you are at the rink.
Very cool.

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Common Sense3539d ago

I wonder what all those past comparisons would have been like if they had turned on RGB full. The PS3 version looks slightly more vibrant but no major difference. The minute difference is inconsequential.

Skadoosh3539d ago

Wait a minute. So if this magical RGB is supposed to make all the games superb looking than why isn't it always on? Why did Sony have it off to begin with?

Fishy Fingers3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Switching on Full RGB over a HDMI connection can actually make quite a difference.

As for why it doesn't default on, I dont know, but when first buying my PS3 I went thrugh and set up the settings how I wanted them, including Full RGB.

Once switched on, it remains on. It's hardly a hardship.

InMyOpinion3539d ago

It's not on default because not all TVs support the Full RGB setting. They should have programmed it to adjust automatically to your TV set, as the 360 does. Instead you have to do everything manually with the PS3.

VF34EJ253538d ago

Because some people actually prefer the RGB setting set to Limited. As some TVs, automatically going to Full will cause crushed blacks, especially if the TV in question has an HDMI "low" setting. And typically, people who calibrate their TVs for optimal picture quality would rather use HDMI low over RGB Full. Both being on, will cause inaccurate colors and crushed blacks. Changing the brightness doesn't adjust just black levels alone, so having a higher brightness will give a washed out look.


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blu3print3539d ago

Why do these videos exist? for people that have either one console their only option is to buy it for that console. For those that have both, buy it for the one in which the controller seems more natural for

SullyDrake3539d ago

There's games like GTA IV where there is a difference; a person with both consoles who doesn't care about DLC gets the better-looking and smoother-running PS3 version, while the person who wants the extra DLC gets the 360 version.

Because there ARE games with noticeable differences, comparisons exist, even if 80-90% of them are just to fuel flame wars.

Skadoosh3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Mitchell, your wrong buddy. I personally have tested both version on my 60 inch Sony and the ps3 version looks awful compared to the 360. Remember, the 360 version is the only one that is in true hd while the ps3 isn't. And you can totally see it on a big screen.

fufotrufo3539d ago

not to star a war ..but your claim is false..GTA ps3 could run better on ps3...that i don't know...but it does not look better

Fishy Fingers3539d ago

"Remember, the 360 version is the only one that is in true hd"

360 version ran at 1080p? That's news to me.

InMyOpinion3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

360 version ran in 720p, PS3 version 630p or something.

"1080p is the holy grail of gaming". You can say that again ;) How many PS3 exclusives this holiday supports the 1080p resolution that Sony used to brag so much about?

VF34EJ253538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Personally, I wish they made the 360 version in 640p like the PS3 version. Not for sake of fanboy arguements. But the fact that the 360 one suffers from some heavy dithering effect being in 720p. Don't believe me? Well then see for yourself if you truely have both consoles Skadoosh. Run them on the same TV. Then look for a sign in the distance in GTA IV 360 and look at the same sign for the PS3 version. You will see the 360 version pixelated and scatterd, while the PS3 version is more clearly defined. Blurrier yes, but not dithered like the 360 version.

So, it actually makes the 360 version look like crap. Even being in a higher resolution.

Here are some samples of what I'm talking about.

And again, if you truely have a 60" Sony TV and really have a PS3. YOU WOULD SEE THIS. I have a 46" samsung and it bugs the hell out of me.

Another example:

And if you're wondering why it does that, it's because of the rendering technique that rockstar uses. And for some reason, when it goes from 720p upscaled to 1080p, it gets worse. So if you have a 720p TV only, you might not see this. But on a 1080p TV, oh yes. Crappy dithering.

Exorgasm3538d ago

not very pretty on either console honestly. Not that it was an ugly game at all. It was amazing for a Grand Theft Auto but both versions had serious problems. I completed the game on both and the 360 version stuttered and had bad pop in issues at high speeds but the ps3 version looked way too gritty and dark so the more stable frame rate didn't make it any better.

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Product3539d ago

Where is a NHL Hitz sequal or better yet a Wanye Gretsky 3d Hockey?

PoSTedUP3539d ago

wayne gretzky 3D hockey for the N64 was AWESOME.

NHL hitz was good also.

their is a gretzky hocky game coming out exclusive for the ps3 in the future....

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