New Family: Second Microsoft commercial with Bill and Jerry

Peter Ha writes:

"Microsoft's second commercial just aired during Big Brother and I've gotta say this one is pretty hilarious."

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dktxx23510d ago

Four minutes of my life I'll ever get back. Seriously who makes a four minute commercial? And what are these commercials about anyway? Nothing? Are we mixing Seinfeld and Windows now?

RememberThe3573510d ago

Doesn't make me like MS any more, but it doesn't make me like them any less. They're probably going somewhere with this.

radio0o3510d ago

i agree these commercials are retarded. they have absolutely nothing to do with PC they dont promote any of the good things about PC. how the hell is this supposed to counter the mac commercials? what a waste of time and money these are

Dino3510d ago

this one ..not so much. although the comment about the moon house and Jerry's cars were funny.Must be nice to be those two grotesquely rich bastards.

StephanieBBB3510d ago

The only part that made me laugh was when gates said "I got nothing" and then jerry says "here's a greek coin" when they need to pay for food.

The rest was mediocre...

sunnygrg3510d ago

but I still liked the commercial. However, it felt more like a mini-Sienfeld episode.

LMAO at the emo delivery guy, being paid with the Greek coin. He was like "What the hell, guys?"

AAACE53510d ago

It was different and goofy!

People get so irritated with something different when they have small minds.

MorganX3509d ago

Based on the progress with the second, this could turn out to be dry comedic genius. Will that help Vista, no. Windows 7 and a user friendly GUI with some real usable advanced features will. But these ads will make people look.

One thing they do, is have you wondering and talking about them. There's been two, we don't know where they are going, and the Mac/PC ads are now oversimplified and somewhat irritating now.

It's really smart. Apple is an oversimplification of computing, anyone who thinks it through knows there's really no contest when it comes to capability (let's not argue, just think for a minute). These ads make you think and make Apple's appear as what they are, oversimplified and lacking substance.

micro_invader3509d ago

Agreed, it did feel rather like a mini-seinfeld episode.

It was quite random, I didn't hate it though. It was mildly amusing.

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Tacki3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Now all they need is Kramer! Yes, I'm waiting for him to come barreling through the door in typical Seinfeld fashion...

"Whoo! I just got the new vista. It's b-b-bl-bl-blowin' my mind, Jerry!"

3510d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life3510d ago

I did agree with Michael Richards on that though...not how he went about it...but that white people can't say ANYTHING these days and get away with it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3510d ago

You're disagreeing with the fact that white people couldn't tell a racist joke?

Black people can tell them all they want...and, even I agree, they're usually really funny.

If a white guy tried the same thing, he'd never hear the end of it.

Racism is only as prevalent as black people let it be.

Bill Cosby's been saying it for years.

Black people can't whine about being associated with the ghetto unless they're willing to try getting themselves OUT of the ghetto. Blaming white people for your stupidity won't do anything but create more diversity. Why do you want that?

If we were all equal, we wouldn't have to sit through another Ice Cube flick.

Skadoosh3510d ago

Their is a slight difference. Kramer was clearly annoyed and was not telling a joke. He wasn't trying to be funny, he got pissed and blurted out his anger. But you are right about blacks/mexicans that use racism in most of their acts and they are DAMN funny. I don't know any whites that crack racist jokes.

MorganX3509d ago

Robert Downey was hilarious in Tropic Thunder.

Just about anyone can tell a Jewish joke. But a Nazi can't. As a matter of fact, any German will probably catch Hell. I mean, don't you get it?

Spydiggity3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

racist jokes aren't funny anymore. they are old and played out. i've already heard them all and all the "new" ones are just retellings of old ones. look at mind of mencia. all that guy does is steal jokes. you can look that up on youtube if you like him and don't realize there isn't an original bone in his body. that's not even his real name.

ppl who rely on racism to be funny, aren't.

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Droid3510d ago

much better than the last one. poor droids

ShinMaster3509d ago

It hurts to watch.
It's just so sad, how hard Microsoft is trying, but just failing again.

Coheno3510d ago

They still don't make any sence! Wasn't the whole deal about these to make people LESS confused about Vista and not more?!?!?!

Bladestar3510d ago

who says they are talking about vista?

Gabe3233510d ago

I don't think these are about Vista. I think they're about Windows in general and what it's done and what it will bring in the future.

InfiniteUnfloppery3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

You shouldn't be surprised by the Level of Failure contained in the 4 Mins,after all,this is MicroFlop

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