US PlayStation Store Sale of the Dead Week 2 Deals Are Live

Sale of the Dead Week 2 and EA Sports sale are the highlight of PSN sales this week in North America.

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Brugal507d ago

Until Dawn for $10 is an absolute steal for a fantastic game. Also, if you missed Limbo on the ps plus free games you should definitely give it a go.

Muzikguy507d ago

I was hoping out of all that there'd be something of interest. Sadly, there is not. Until Dawn and Alien Isolation I'd tell anyone they should get! I have them already. Those sales aren't deals for EA games either.

Pancit_Canton507d ago

•Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (PS3) – $29.99
That's got to be a typo. You can buy that at the store for less than $10

kayoss507d ago

Im getting until dawn.
I have over 25 games that have not played or even opened yet in my collection. DAMN YOU DESTINY!