Blue Dragon Joins the Growing List of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

The list of Xbox One backwards compatibility added the Mistwalker and Artoon developed RPG Blue Dragon to the ranks.

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xDealtwithIt771d ago

Excellent, good to see the support and value of the xbox growing.

771d ago
mark_parch770d ago

I have to admit I didn't care for bc when it was first announced but I use it all the time. been playing dead space, red dead, alan wake, dark souls, borderlands and am thinking about picking up orange box. can't wait for blood dragon later this month

Kurisu770d ago

Do digital and discs work via backwards compatibility?

Death770d ago

If you bought it digitally or were given it via Games with Gold, it will show up in the ready for download tab. If you own the disc, simply pop it into the drive and the game will download. For the disc based games you still need the game in the drive for authentication.

thekhurg770d ago

Disc only for multi-disc games like lost odyssey and stuff.

coolbeans770d ago

While I was hyped, I didn't realize how more enjoyable it was to play some of these titles with my XOne controller. It's also one of the first time consoles have seen "enhanced BC" like this too--though that varies b/c framerate issues for select BC games is still present. Being able to utilize record/screenshot (this-gen feature) into a past-gen game is pretty nifty.

BlackTar187770d ago

This is a good game glad it's being supported.

RyanDJ770d ago

Slowly but surely! I just last night was able to pull one of my two 32GB USB drives off the 360 after transferring new B/C games over to my 2TB One drive.

I just wish day.... some of the no longer online games would find a way to transfer. Otherwise, I'll just have to keep my 360 for Simpsons, Ninja Turtles, and X Men.

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