Gamespot : Resistance 2 Q&A

The editors of Gamespot had a Q&A session with Ted Price of Insomniac games. A lot of new info surfaced in the Q&A session.

"GameSpot: Where are you currently in development? What's done? What's left?

Ted Price: The game is just about finished as I write this. Yet the three to four weeks before we deliver a final disc to the factory are always the most difficult. This is when we're fixing bugs, adding tons of polish, making tuning tweaks, and trying to keep our builds stable for the testing team. What's great is that all of our features are in, and the game is looking, sounding, and playing fantastic. Resistance 2 has become everything we hoped it would be. "

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reincarnated3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

cahill3477d ago

Good job insomniac

goes to show how well they manage their schedule .

3 cheers for insomniac

Hipp Hipp Hurray

Hagaf223477d ago

im really glad to hear that the beta was an early unpolished representation and to hear that alot of our ideas are being utilized to make this game better, i have faith in insomniac and i doubt they will let me down...

THC CELL3477d ago

R 3 coming soon 256 players online

zimbo0073477d ago

has 60 player online



cahill3477d ago

It is coming in 2009

so happy XD

Skyreno3477d ago

Sweet !! i can't wait for the game to comes out ^^

name3477d ago

This has my attention multiplayer wise over socom.

clearelite3477d ago

This game is being underestimated. I think Insomniac's finished product is going to blow people away. yay

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The story is too old to be commented.